Ideas for Days Out with Friends

by on September 27, 2018

As we get older, friends seem to become busier with their partners, children, work and travel. When you finally get to re-connect with your old buddies, it is a shame just to do the same activity together that youve been doing for decades. A little originality can go a long way for rejuvenating drifting friendships. Celebrate friendship with some of the brilliant ideas listed below, for unusual days out with friends that anyone can get involved in and everyone will enjoy.




This new craze is extremely accessible: all you need is two sturdy trees and some slackline rope. This modern take of tightrope walking offers a whole host of benefits and, in particular, it improves your balance and coordination. It is completely safe because the line is only a foot off the ground, and it is an on-trend activity for groups of friends to enjoy. This is a top pick for a fun day out in the park filled with laughter, falling over and the beauty of the natural world. Bring a picnic and some music speakers and make a whole day of it.




Nearly every town has a sailing club which hires out boats for the day so that small groups (and individuals if your friends are not convinced!) can enjoy the serenity of gliding along the water. Sailing is an active day out for people of any age, and it is usually very reasonable to hire a sailing boat from your local club. There are some restrictions, however, because every member of the party needs to be a confident swimmer before you hire a boat. You must prepare for a day on the water and be aware of boat safety requirements. In the likely event that everyone can swim, this promises to be a brilliant day out with friends, weather permitting.


Escape from a Locked Room


Break out from a locked room for a day filled with adrenaline and excitement. An Escape Room is cropping up in every city, and they are a lovely way to spend a few hours with a group of your closest companions. Escape Rooms are similar to a real-life Jumanji; you are trapped in a living puzzle! This extravaganza is increasing in global popularity with people of all ages, plus these rooms are a completely unique challenge. Solve riddles, puzzles and littered clues to secure your escape.


Stay in but keep it exciting


If you really cant bear to go out with your friends, there are plenty of unusual and exciting things that you can do together at home. One fun activity is to get a group of companions together and agree that each week one of you will cook a meal for the others. After each meal, which has to include a starter, main course and dessert, you rate your friendsdinner party out of 10. If youre feeling cruel, the loser has to buy the whole group a meal out once the competition is over.


Friends should be celebrated so whether you see them every day, or only once a year, it is always healthy to try out new ideas with them.

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