Online Gaming Sites Where You Can Test Your Luck

by on September 27, 2018

They say the amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act, which is perhaps why you’re reading this. Maybe you’re tempted to try your good fortune, but you lack the initiative? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We will clue you in about where all the action is.

Of course, we’re talking about online gaming sites where you can test your luck for free. Over the years, Slotomania and Simba Games have grown into industry leaders. We recommend them both without any reservation, and not only because they offer a host of exciting slots for everyone’s taste.

No, we recommend them because they actually give you a chance to test your luck.


  • Slotomania


Currently boasting more than 160 free online slots, Slotomania is a great choice for rookie gamblers who are looking for an engaging gaming experience. The selection is amazing, the gifts are never-ending, and the features are both fun and unique. Slotomania is an entire universe of social gambling.

Here’s what we like about it the most:


  • The Community


When we say that Slotomania is a social universe, we mean that by joining this online gaming site, you’re actually joining a community of over 100 million players just like you. These are the people with whom you can share your experiences and exchange gifts, or simply compete against in specialized tournaments. Slotomania’s social aspect extends to Facebook as well, where it’s moderated by “Lucy”.


  • The Variety


Slotomania offers over 160 different slot machines, from traditional casino games and video slots to fruit machines, pokies, and 3D slots. There are around 15 unique features in each, the most interesting of which are Boosters, Lotto Bonus, Super Ruffle, and Ca$h Link. Not only can you find games that match your quirky taste, but you can also play them 24/7 from your mobile device, wherever you are.


  • The Reward


Free online slots are not about winning real money, but about enjoying a gaming experience without any pressure of losing. You’ll progress through slot levels, tackling new challenges and unlocking new slot machines. For each new achievement, you’ll get rewarded with virtual coins and special bonus gifts. See, Slotomania is just perfect for trying your luck since there is no strategy for winning at slots.


  • Simba Games (UK)


Unlike Slotomania, Simba Games UK is an online casino site that actually gives you a shot at winning real money. But, that’s certainly not its only strong point. This is one of the most colourful, feature-rich, and intuitive sites for trying your luck with online machines, regardless of which type you prefer.

Here’s why to choose Simba Games UK:


  • Non-Stop Bonuses


Non-stop promotions and bonuses are at the very heart of this site’s philosophy. Simba Games will never force you to put too much at stake, but will always reward you with cool prizes. Its VIP program, which is dedicated to loyal players, provides a bundle of special surprises, including no wager bonuses and cash back offers. All this makes Simba Games an exciting opportunity for fun and lavish rewards.


  • Generous Jackpots


Speaking of which, Simba Games is just perfect for players who are looking for gambling thrills that actually pay off. As it usually goes, the more your bet, the greater your chances of winning big are. But, when you consider the number of bonuses that this site so generously provides, scoring really big jackpots at a minimum stake is not such a far-fetched idea. Simba Games is a site for ambitious players.


  • Gorgeous Games


It’s also a place for true gaming buffs. Simba Games offers a myriad of colourful online slot machines and thematic adventures, all of which have been designed with great attention to detail. The graphics are simply delicious and animations are stunning. On top of that, the site itself is very intuitive and easy to use. All this amounts to a gambling experience that merges great design with groovy journeys.


Slotomania and Simba Games UK are our top choices for trying luck with online slots simply because they check all of our boxes – with or without real money prizes, both of them offer an engaging new twist on traditional casino games, empowered with incredible features and breath-taking animations.

Experienced players will be able to see this at the very first glance. As for everyone else who’s decided to take luck into their own hands, there’s no need to look any further. Slotomania and Simba Games UK know exactly how to make aspiring gamers like yourself feel welcome, appreciated, and rewarded.