Rising Star Games announces GIGA WRECKER Alt is coming to consoles later this year

by on January 17, 2019

Rising Star Games and Game Freak Inc. have today announced that they are launching the 2D action/adventure and metroidvania inspired game, GIGA WRECKER Alt, later this year.

As well as a digital release, they have partnered with Limited Run Games to distribute the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch physical versions.

GIGA WRECKER Alt is a 2D world where players must navigate platforms and solve increasingly challenging puzzles as they progress to unearth the mysteries of a sudden invasion that left the world in ruins. As players explore, they’ll use the abilities of Reika – the game’s main protagonist – to destroy and reconstruct their surroundings for solving each puzzle and fighting back against the invaders.

A mixture of exploration and physics, GIGA WRECKER Alt has players tearing down walls and then using the rubble as a platform for navigating each level. And as Reika they can wield a power known as ARCHIE (Arms Creating and Handling Effect) that allows her to construct various weapons from the rubble and scrap.

GIGA WRECKER Alt. comes to consoles with brand-new content that adds 20 additional puzzle stages to its campaign, a new companion character to assist players with the game’s increasingly challenging puzzles, and an “Ironman” mode with 5 times the damage than the regular mode.

“We are excited to be working together with Rising Star Games and Thunderful to bring GIGA WRECKER Alt. to console gamers around the world.” said Game Director, Masayuki Onoue.

GIGA WRECKER Alt is due out later this year on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.