Tech start-up Hadean invites players to the biggest battle royale clash of all time.

by on January 10, 2019

Hadean has announced today that they are looking to perform a record-breaking stress test of its Aether Engine tech.

Incredibly, up to 10,000 players will face of against each other in a single space battle, the winner being the last player to survive. Players who are able to adapt quickly will be the ones that survive as the sheer number of players involved means that the old battle royale tactics will no longer apply.

Hadean is a London tech start-up, and stress test will look to showcase the Aether Engine’s ability to handle such a large number of players with the hope to breathe new life into the popular battle royale genre. The Aether Engine is also being used by the Francis Crick Institute for cancer cell research.

If you are interested in taking part in the stress test you can sign up at www.aetherengine.io/pvp-10k. For those who sign up, the battle royale clash will be free to play on PC in late February.