Artificial Intelligence – Analysing Ways It Can Affect the Entertainment Industry

by on March 22, 2019

Artificial intelligence seems to have become part of everyone’s life nowadays. It has made itself so present that at times we fail to notice its impact on our everyday lives. However, an increasing number of employers are consciously looking to utilise inventive methods to improve their firm’s overall reputation. To make use of the advanced technology and attempt to use it to boost performance and help their staff, large quantities of global companies are including AI in their activities.

And while certain workplaces and their employees feel threatened by the evolution of AI, the world of entertainment seems to be more than welcoming towards the ever-enhancing new technology. This might stem from the fact that the likes of gaming and show business themselves never cease to impress with their continual growth.

Not Everything Is What It Seems

To highlight the benefits of AI, let’s take art as a way of illustrating this point. In the conventional sense, art has always been perceived as a unique, creative, and above all human way of expression. You might see pigs and elephants online trained to paint with their snouts and trunks, but that is another topic for now. However, as evolving beings that we are, we seek to make things around us evolve as well.

Defending the role of AI in his innovative, never seen before approach to art, German artist Mario Klingemann believes that art is everything but original. That is why, he states, he uses the advantages of the machine’s unpredictability to create one of a kind pieces that no human could ever create on their own. Klingemann has already seen his “cameraless photography” masterpieces auctioned at Sotheby’s, proving that AI art has erstwhile made its existence known in the art universe.

When talking about gaming, it has yet to be affected by AI to the same extent as other industries. The exciting world of online gaming and gambling has just started spreading its wings to augmented reality and virtual reality especially in the segment of live dealer casinos and has yet to find its path with machine learning. Actual people are already being replaced by virtual avatars and it would come as a little surprise to see them evolve into intellectual representations which would use more than machine-operated random number generators to beat the players.

Their Strategy Is an Enigma to Us

The independence of AI devices in art and games seems to go beyond our comprehension.

There is simply no other way of explaining how on Earth Google’s AlphaGo succeeded in winning against Mathematics and Physics expert and world champion in the strategic game of Go, Ke Jie. “I knew from the very beginning that I could not beat the computer,” Ke Jie commented. He added, “To me, the AlphaGo is God, a being that can defeat anyone or anything.” The AlphaGo learnt – on its own – how to play against human players and – win.

This being said, the scope of the growing influence AI has on human beings stretches to cover sports and leisure activities as well.

Simple, mundane tasks such as decorating one’s home can be assisted by newly designed equipment.  Take FIA One is as an example. It is a 5G connected Billboard available for use both indoors and outdoors, designed for entertainment purposes.

Likewise, enticing us to be in the open air, the Chinese firm Migu launched its 5G-enabled bicycles that feature a headset wirelessly connected to a screen. While some potential users raised an eyebrow at how close these devices are to being “alive”, others are thrilled to see what manufacturers such as the FIA and Migu are yet to come up with.

These examples are solely the tip of the iceberg regarding the outreach AI is bound to have in the times to come. Its capabilities seem to be limited, or are rather kept restrained to a degree for now, but it is only a matter of time until AI makes another grand leap forward.

What we can assert is that Artificial Intelligence has certainly not reached its peak, but how far we can actually go with it is yet to be explored.