Cloud Gaming Explained


Technology keeps going from strength to strength. We’ve seen it through companies like RS who continue to offer innovative tech and push the boundaries forward. However, lately, we’ve seen strides being made in the video game industry. Specifically, in the area of cloud gaming.

Of course, the video game industry is another arena where progress is prized above everything else, be it dispelling social stigmas or leading technological advancements. As an industry, it’s now worth more than videos and music combined, and cloud gaming is expected to take that success to a whole other level.

Consequently, here’s a quick analysis of what cloud gaming is, and is capable of.


What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is an online system that seeks to make the hardware capabilities of consoles and computers less important. It’s a digital space that shoulders all the responsibilities that those machines have today in running a game. Instead of using a keyboard or controller to transmit instructions for the physical hardware to read and process alone, gamers use their devices to input that data through the cloud server.

Because it’s an online storage centre, all computers and consoles would be used for is to stream the data. It’s a middle man of sorts, instead of the entire package. This means the games that are played aren’t bound by what the hardware restrictions of consoles and computers – the cloud servers simply channel their boundless capabilities through them. Better graphics, faster run times, superior gamer accessibility – these things are all made possible through utilising cloud gaming technologies.


Instant Play

Loading screens and installation timers are the bane of gamers the world over. Nothing is more chore-like than sitting down and waiting for a game to download, especially when it takes hours and hours with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, many gamers would say that the wait is worth it in the end – but what if the wait is removed entirely?

Because the cloud servers have already done all the heavy lifting, instant play would therefore be guaranteed for the gamer. No loading screens, no download waiting times; you simply start up the application and get launched straight into the action. Of course, ease and efficiency are something that technology is constantly striving for, and it’s achieved in the gaming arena through cloud servers. Everything is streamed, instead of installed and downloaded, etc.  


More Spectator Capabilities

Video game streaming has already taken off from a spectator perspective. Many people use sites like YouTube and Twitch to watch their favourite gamers navigate digital battlefields and conquer their virtual foes online. Still, it’s only going to get bigger if cloud gaming starts to materialise to the fore of the video game industry.

Because the doors will be opened wider to video game streaming through cloud gaming, the number of spectators may go up too. After all, viewers needn’t own the games that they’re watching others play. They can simply look in and observe for entertainment purposes, instead of playing themselves. Therefore, the esports industries might just feel a steady rise in interest too!