Fortnite: Tips And Tricks For Winning The Getaway?


We bet that most fans of Fortnite are excited about the fact that Epic Games recently has added several new challenges for their High Stakes, which is the most recent event in Fortnite. What interesting new items did they introduce? There are a new outfit and Wild Card skin, which unfortunately can’t be won but only purchased. Also, the developers added new challenges and a new gaming mode “The Getaway” available only for a limited time. You can join any of the challenges for free. All challenges give players a chance to win exciting rewards. Speaking of rewards, don’t forget to check out a review of Golden Nugget Casino and let us know what you think.

Here is the complete list of available challenges:

  1. Players get 5,000 XP for 10 matches played in this mode
  2. Players get New High Stakes spray for 500 damage caused to opponents, who carry jewels
  3. Players get High Stakes contrail for carrying a jewel in 5 different rounds
  4. Players get the Crowbar for all challenges

How to win all the challenges to get a reward? In this article, we are going to tell you more about The Getaway mode and give you useful tips on how to complete all challenges and win.

Challenge One

The first challenge is quite easy to complete. All you need to do us to play ten matches and, regardless of how good or bad you do, you will earn a reward. Thus, you just have to get out there and play.

When it comes to rest two challenges, things get much more complicated. Below, we have collected some of the best strategies and tricks to help you win.

How Does The Getaway Work?

Before we can head to the rest of tips, let’s figure out what The Getaway mode is itself and what you should expect when playing it. Check pro Fortnite settings for better gaming style.

Just like in the usual mode, the game starts when 100 users land on the map, but there is some difference in squad formation and goal of the game. In The Getaway, you can either play solo or in teams of up to 4 users. However, we wouldn’t recommend you to go alone because in this case, you will have to compete with teams, which will be quite hard.

Another difference is that it is more of a heist mode. This means that unlike in the battle royale, your goal is not to be the last on the field. Instead, your only goal is to steal a jewel and be the first one to get away on a floating getaway van. It is also worth mentioning that four teams can win the same match, as there are four jewels in total.

At the beginning of each round, you will see the first circle and the four safes with jewels that appear as you float above the map. We recommend landing inside the first circle or really close to it because once you land, the storm will be coming quite fast.

When you are on the map, you have several options – you can head to any of four safes. Be ready that the area around each will be full of other players so that the fight will be intense. Not to mention that even if you have found the jewel, other squads can steal it from you. To win, read the effective strategies suggested below:


  • The Vulture


The first good strategy for this gaming mode is to let other squads fight and take each other down. This way you can wait for the right moment, attack the winners while they are the most vulnerable (for example, when they take time to heal), kill them and steal the jewel. However, using this strategy, you can’t rely only on your skills. A lot will depend on a lucky chance because you will have to do everything fast before other teams get there.

If you are ready to test your luck, land and stay away from the fight until the enemies are vulnerable, then steal the jewel and make sure you get to one of the escape vans quickly.


  • The Leopard


A second strategy that can help you survive and win is to track down and ambush one of the teams on their way to the van. One thing to keep in mind here is that all vans are floating in the air, which means players need to build in order to get there.

The idea of this strategy is simple. You can hang out next to some of the vans together with your team. You can take your time and build a fort between the vans to have a better view of both. Then all you have to do is wait until the squad with the jewel comes to you.

Next, you can wait until the approached team builds its way up to the van and shoot the bottom of their construction as soon as they reach the top. This way, their ramp will collapse, and players fall and die. Then just steal the jewel and build a ramp to get inside one of the vans.

This is probably the smartest strategy, as you don’t really have to fight. It is also much safer. After all, this is a heist mode, so why don’t let the enemies do the hard work and then ambush them?!

How To Complete Challenges?

Both game tactics offered above will slowly take you there. The second one requires you to cause 500 damage to enemies who have the jewel, so any of our strategies will help you here, but you need to be patient as it doesn’t come all at once.

The third challenge is a bit more tricky. It requires you to pick up a jewel in 5 matches. This is hard if you are not playing solo because each of your teammates would also want to do this. However, it also requires patience and some time.

After all, there is no “secret” on how to complete all three tasks faster. You need to play and try. Probably, you will have to spend quite a lot of time playing to reach your goals, especially since you will not always manage to be the player who carries the jewel because there would be three more people in your team. However, you could negotiate with your allies to take turns carrying the jewel. Then you all will win.


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