10 Creative Indian Indie Movies You Can Watch Right Now


If you’re looking for a perfect movie that will truly captivate you with its story, you should check out Indian indie movies. You can go for some of the highest grossing Indian movies of all time, but there are other options that are just as superb. Here are the best that will stay with you forever, and you can stream them on Netflix right now.


  1. Maroon


Maroon is a dark psychological thriller featuring a professor whose wife goes missing. The story takes place mostly in a single house, so you really get into the professor’s head. Things start taking a weird turn when the professor’s student comes to visit.


Manav Kaul delivers an outstanding performance that makes you truly empathize with his character. This is an abstract and intense thriller that you shouldn’t miss.


  1. Sulemani Keeda


Sulemani Keeda is a bromantic comedy featuring two young screenplay writers who struggle to make it in Bollywood. It’s a very realistic story that presents today’s urban life and success dreams in a comical way.


The movie is charming and quirky and has absolutely no clichés. You can really relate to the characters and, should you choose to watch it, you’ll be in for a lot of laughter.


  1. Queen


Queen is not your usual Indian movie, where two people fall in love and live happily ever after. It’s a movie about a woman who goes on a journey around the world after her fiancé breaks up with her.


It’s about joy and happiness, making friends and being independent, and essentially falling in love with yourself. This empowering story, not to mention Kangana Ranaut’s impeccable performance, will absolutely captivate you.


  1. Filmistaan


A heartwarming story about friendship that knows no boundaries, Filmistaan is a movie that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Featuring two friends, an Indian and a Pakistani, whose love for Bollywood brings them together, this movie shows that there are plenty of things that connect us all.


It breaks the boundaries of religion, politics, and territory, and presents a lovely friendship that everyone in the world should aspire to.


  1. Good Night Good Morning


If you loved the Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, you’ll love Good Night Good Morning. It’s a story about a man and a woman who briefly meet in a hotel bar, before going their separate ways. Almost the entire movie features the two talking on the phone.


It’s a creative take on love and long-distance relationships, made very powerful by both Seema Rahmani and Manu Narayan’s remarkable performances.


  1. Dhanak (Rainbow)


Filmed in a setting that has its own character, Dhanak is an enchanting, uplifting story with one powerful message: life is beautiful. It features a lovely relationship between a brother and his sister, and it’s one of the most magical movies you’ll ever see.


  1. Court


Court is a legal drama that presents Indian courts in a kind of Kafkaesque way. It revolves around an arrested social activist and his trial, and the ideologies and prejudices present at Indian courts.


The social activist uses folk music to spread his message but, after a sewage worker commits suicide, he and his music are to blame. This movie showcases the antiquated Indian legal system and shows how the wheels of justice mercilessly turn. It’s a must-watch that strips to the naked truth.


  1. Tu Hai Mera Sunday (You Are My Sunday)


Tu Hai Mera Sunday revolves around five friends and their genuine love for soccer. Set in Mumbai, it follows their everyday lives, and all their passions, loves, relationships, struggles, and fears.


It’s a fresh and casual story beaming with important life lessons. It reminds the viewers that it’s vital to occasionally step back from all the everyday chores and troubles, and appreciate the people and the world around them.


  1. Love, Sonia


Love, Sonia is a heartbreaking drama that throws you in a gut-wrenching story of a young girl entrapped in the sex-trafficking world. After her father sells her sister to pay off his debts, Sonia sets on a journey to rescue her, only to end up trapped in the trade as well.


This survivor story about two girls robbed of their innocence is all the more terrifying because of the reality of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. If you decide to watch this movie, prepare your tissues, and a shoulder to cry on.


  1. Manto


A biographical drama based on writer Sadat Hassan Manto’s challenges with censorship in the 1940s, Manto tells the story of an author who gets in trouble for obscenity in his writings.


It portrays his troubles for writing about hard truths still relevant today, such as sexual violence and female sexuality. It’s a brilliant piece of art about a tortured genius that will leave you absolutely speechless.


What Can You Do if Movie Is Not Available in Your Region?


If you can’t access these movies in your location, a VPN for streaming should solve the problem. It will enable you to connect to any remote server you want so that you can bypass geo-restrictions. VPNs do this by replacing your IP address with a fake one, virtually placing you in any location in the world.


So, get a VPN for streaming, find these outstanding Indian indie movies online, and enjoy a perfect movie night.