What Is Xbox Live Gold and Why Is It worth It?


After the annual Xbox E3 conference, there might be a new influx of players coming to the Xbox platform. However, before you join this vibrant gamer community you need to get acquainted with its social platform called Xbox Live. It’s one of the biggest gaming social networks in the world, with more than 64 million active gamers. The service has two different memberships – the regular one which you get for free, and Xbox Live Gold.

While the regular Xbox Live users have an option to explore the Xbox store, chat with friends and play some free-to-play games, it still lacks a couple of key features you would like to experience if you own an Xbox console. Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription which includes online play, special discounts, and beta invites, and Games with Gold system.

Online Play

In order to play new games online, you will need to have a paid subscription. While some free-to-play titles in the Xbox games’ catalog can be played without any restrictions, new titles require Xbox Live Gold.

For example, if you wish to play Monster Hunter: World you can play through it solo without any restrictions. However, if you wish to form a hunting party you and your friends need to set up ‘Gold’ subscription.

Special discounts

In addition to Online Play, Xbox Live Gold subscription service enables players to get access to special offers on the console. Every month Xbox releases a new set of deals for the service subscribers which features amazing discounts for games, add-ons, and more. These usually allow you to save up to 50-70 percent on a new game and are a great thing if you buy games often.

Games with Gold

Probably the best feature of Xbox Live Gold is the Games with Gold system which gives you free games every month. At the beginning of every month Xbox usually, release a list of games which is available to download for free in you own an active Gold subscription. For example, during June, Xbox Live Gold members have free access to NHL 19, Rivals of Aether, Portal: Still Alive, and Earth Defence Force 2017.


Where to get Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold membership can be purchased through the official Microsoft store, however, there’s an alternative you should know about. There are plenty of third-party stores such as Eneba which sells Xbox Live gift cards for a lot less. It’s a great option if you wish to save a bit of money and time. It’s also worth mentioning that gift cards from Eneba has no expiration date which is a great thing if you wish to wait for a new deal, discount for your favorite game or just looking to buy a present for your friend.