Does Getting a Good Internet Provider Impacts Gaming Experience?


Massively multiplayer online games are becoming immensely popular. The trend of Internet gaming is growing day by day. That is why these days the internet is imperative for gaming. People often under-estimate the importance of an Internet provider. Many people have a question whether a good Internet provider can improve your gaming experience? The answer is Yes. An excellent Internet provider can help you enhance your gaming experience.  Choosing the wrong internet provider can even get you kicked out of a gaming server. We will today help you understand the aspects of a good Internet provider that have a significant impact on your gaming experience.

1. Download speed:  

The most crucial factor of your Internet connection, which has an immense impact on your gaming experience is the download speed. If the download speed is on the slower side, there will be a lag in the game. You will not be able to engage in the game in real-time. Due to this very reason, it is a good idea to go with connections having a download speed of 3 Mbps or more. You can read more about AT&T gaming internet deals to find out about such Internet connections. You have to compare the plans online not just on the speed but also the bandwidth. Doing so will help you pick the right plan. The plan should be the right mix of bandwidth and speed. It will ensure that you can enjoy fast speed without exhausting your plan mid-month.

2. Latency:  

Latency is the time which your computer takes to respond to the console. The signal will first travel to your ISP server and then to the gaming server. Moreover, if the speed of the Internet connection is on the slower side, the time taken by the signal to travel and reach the gaming server will be higher.  While most of us do not have direct control over the ISP server, but you can certainly opt for a faster Internet plan. When that is the case, irrespective of the physical distance between your computer and the end gaming server, the signal will travel quickly. It means that the latency will be on the lower side. Latency has a definite impact on your gaming experience. Many gaming servers are auto programmed to kick out any player having a high latency time. That is why chances are with a slow Internet connection; you will be out of the game.

3. Packet loss:  

Slower Internet connection causes the packets to stack up and create bottlenecks. In such a case, the packet loss can increase as well. There are quite a few disadvantages of packet loss like:

  • Lack of transmission of some vital signals
  • Accidental time out from the game
  • No synchronization with your team players
  • Being able to play in real-time

In most cases, however, if there is extensive packet loss, the gaming server will terminate you from the game. In such a case, you cannot play anymore. It means that a slow or a fluctuating Internet connection can deteriorate your gaming experience.  A good Internet provider not only offers you a faster Internet connection but better infrastructure as well. It means that the bandwidth which the ISP can handle will be on the higher side. When the bandwidth and the speed are high, there will be no stacking up of the packets. As a result, packet loss can be easily minimized once you take care of both these factors.

4. Upload Speed:  

The upload speed is the rate/speed at which the information from your computer uploads to the gaming server. You should have an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps. It means that you can play the game in real-time without any glitches. The upload speed reduces the latency, which means that you will not be out of the server.

5. Throttling:  

If you’re going with a substandard Internet service provider, the bandwidth which they will offer you will be pretty limited. When you have something like 5 GB for the month, it is simply not possible to play games online. Most of the ISPs will downgrade your speed after you reach that limit of the bandwidth. That is why; your internet connection will be throttled. When the speed of your connection decreases from something like 5 Mbps to just 512 Kbps, it becomes impossible to play an internet game.

A good Internet service provider will always offer you a wide array of packages. You can choose the package that has the bandwidth which you want. Also, the reputed internet service providers allow you to upgrade your internet package on a pro-rata basis mid month as well. It means that if you exhaust the bandwidth, you can easily upgrade it. However, all of that can happen only when you choose the right ISP.

6. Signal Strength:   

The infrastructure of the Internet provider in your vicinity matters a lot. If the signal strength which you are getting in your router or modem is on the lower side, you cannot play games at all. Irrespective of the package which you have or the bandwidth that is left to work, if the signal strength is weak, you cannot play the games. So; you need to figure out if the local infrastructure of the Internet provider is up to the mark or not. When you opt for national-level Internet providers, they will have robust last-mile connectivity, and therefore you will face no problems at all.

Instead of going for the fly by night Internet providers that might or might not have good Internet infrastructure, it is better to go with renowned names. It will ensure that the signal strength which you get in your modem or your router is up to the mark. Hence; you will be able to take advantage of the package that you have chosen.

So, the Internet provider can impact your gaming experience in more ways than one. When you choose the right Internet provider, you will not have to worry about bandwidth throttling, signal strength, upload, and download speed. All of that will be taken care of by the Internet provider. You have to choose the right package, and you will be good to go. Due to this very reason, it is always a good idea to research the different Internet providers before making your final decision.