Will US Gaming Arrival Propel Online Casino To New Levels?

by on August 6, 2019

Online casino is one of the biggest industries on the planet. It’s worth billions and figures continue to increase, with it estimated to be worth around $94billion by 2024.


The arrival of online casino in a number of states could help that figure raise even further, as well as potentially evolve the industry even further.


Software companies such as Microgaming have completely revolutionised the industry in recent years, making the likes of baccarat, poker and many slot games more lifelike than ever before as well as using the latest technology staying well and truly ahead of the curve.


The profits from the likes of New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the last year only gives such companies more capital to invest in driving the industry forward.


New Jersey is posting year-on-year improvements while many other states that have legalised online gambling are also seeing record figures, making it one of the most lucrative areas in gaming.


And it’s a similar story elsewhere. Portugal and Colombia is seeing massive growth and that only continues to suggest we can expect bigger and better things to come.


Virtual reality has become a popular form of gaming both in casino and worldwide. Casino software companies were keen to adopt it in the likes of poker rooms, making for a more immersive experience and bringing you the bright lights of Vegas directly to your living room.


As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, more and more players will start using VR within online casinos. It seems a natural progression from live casino which revolutionised the industry just a few years ago.


VR and augmented reality are undoubtedly where the industry is heading, with the latter expected to add live overlays onto real-life environments, potentially taking the poker night with friends to a completely new level.


It will enhance tournament play and could even see major competitions go completely online, with players still having the ability to virtually sit around a table with other players.


From there, there’s no doubt online casino will continue to develop further, whether that be through gameplay, security or even how you make payments. The industry has been one of the first to adopt Bitcoin and a range of other types of payment, while it also always firmly has security at the very height of importance.


By 2024, when the industry is expected to be worth around $94billion, there’s no doubt it will have transformed again from what it is now. 


The emergence of esports will like integrate into the online casino and gambling industry further and VR and AR will certainly be here to stay. That fully immersive experience will be the benchmark but as more money becomes invested in online casino you can expect it to take on a whole new level.