How to Start an Online Gaming Business

by on November 26, 2019

Online gambling business has seen substantial growth over the past few years, and with the constant improvement of technology, this growth doesn’t look poised to stop any time soon. 

This means more and more operators are coming on to the scene and relying on the available tech partners to start and run a successful online gambling business. If you are looking to start your own company and operator, there are certain things you need to consider beforehand:

  • Choosing a reliable tech partner
  • The information you include on your website for your players
  • Obtaining a gambling license
  • Choosing a payment provider
  • A solid market strategy to gain new and retain old players

Choosing a Tech Partner

This is the most important step. Search the market for the best prices and services. But you also need to find an experienced tech partner who understands your needs, while also having a deep knowledge of the online gambling industry.

What Information to Include on Your Website

Making the decision to take the first step into a gambling business is important, however, gambling is a broad spectrum. What type of gambling are you going to focus on? You can choose sports betting or traditional online casino games. Then you have to consider including live chats, statistics and frequently asked questions. This is where choosing a tech partner with a great knowledge of the industry will be essential.

Obtaining a License

Setting up a gambling business is not easy, regardless of which country you are in. It is important to abide to all the rules and regulations of different countries, because being an online casino means people all over the world can have access. There are three frameworks you need to look at:

  • Countries than have banned online gambling
  • Countries that regulate online gambling
  • Countries that lack regulations for online gambling

You need to obtain the license for the country you are setting your business in, and this can be a lengthy progress. There are options to become a licensee of your tech partner.

Choosing a Payment Provider

You can find a tech partner that can support multi-currency payments, which is less hassle. However, if you do choose to find a separate payment provider, make sure it caters for different currencies and payment options, as well as security measures against fraud.

Planning a Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a solid marketing strategy, and online gambling is no different. You will need a way of encouraging new players to join, while also maintaining the players you have happy and registered. Take your time on this and make sure to cover all aspects possible. These can be special offers, bonuses or discounts.


Setting up a gambling business online is no easy task and it can take time, but it could be a worthy investment. Check out Comeon Bonus for an example of a working and successful gambling website. Now, go create your business and good luck!