7 superstitions about Roulette

by on December 4, 2019

Online Roulette games are very popular, with many players switching to the online format. Although the game is still played in brick-and-mortar casinos, the rise of the online world cannot be downplayed. Even with the development of the game across various platforms, it still keeps the same premise – spin the wheel and hope it’s your lucky night.

As with any casino game, over the years people have created superstitions surrounding them. The number 7, for example, is considered lucky across much of the globe as it is synonymous with good fortune, making it a popular number choice in Roulette. Yet more superstitions surround the wheel, so let’s take a look.

“It must be a red next.”

When you approach a table, players suggest to check out the numbers that have won before. With the majority of gamblers placing bets on colours, as the chances of winning with red or black are higher than a single number, they will determine their bet based on the previous winners. 

If seven black numbers have won in a row, a lot of players will bet on red, with the idea that the chances of it being another black are very small. In reality, it’s roughly a 50/50 chance, as it is with every spin.

“Sir, which numbers are hot?”

A player will often ask the croupier which numbers are ‘hot’. Although the idea of hot and cold numbers are a myth, many players believe in them. A hot number is one that has won multiple times during the day. 

Players who bet on hot numbers are often those who play without a strategy. Of course, the hot number changes from table to table, but one number which many players will always consider lucky at any wheel is seven. 

“I can’t win without my lucky underwear.”

Superstitions go far beyond the casino, and lucky underwear is one of them. Upon entering a casino, people will be wearing all sorts of ‘lucky’ items. From a rabbit’s foot to a horseshoe, you’ll be amazed at the bizarre items that enter the casino.

It all depends on how much you believe in luck and fate as to how true these ideas are. Do you have a lucky item?

“Which are the sleeping numbers today?”

Sleeping numbers are similar to hot numbers. But the belief is that a number which hasn’t won all day, or for an extended amount of time, will suddenly win. But, as discussed, each spin of the wheel signifies a reset in the odds. A number can go weeks without winning, remember that a number is never ‘due’ a win.

“I’m just going to keep betting on my lucky number.”

In the same way people specific items that bring them luck, people also have their lucky numbers. Stating that a number is lucky for them could be for several reasons. It might be their birth date, the day they got married, their favourite year or it was the number on the shirt of their favourite sportsperson. 

Unfortunately, betting on a lucky number won’t increase your chances of winning, otherwise, everyone at the table would need the same lucky number.

“My lucky ritual should change my fortune!”

People of faith might pray before they enter a casino, asking for good fortune. However, there are many other practices people will carry out to boost their luck, even those with no religion. 

Some people tap the table in a particular rhythm, some may always eat a bar of chocolate as they play. A lucky ritual could be anything and everything but it’s always something you do.

“The dealer controls that wheel, for sure.”

It has been feared that dealers control some of the wheels on the casino floor. This would be illegal, and although no casinos have been caught doing it there are still many suspicions that places do. 

If a casino is rigging its Roulette wheel, they’re probably unlicensed making them illegal to play at anyway. Sticking to reputable casinos is the best way to avoid this sort of bad luck.  

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