AO Tennis 2 Career Mode detailed with new developer diary

by on December 12, 2019

BIGBEN and Big Ant Studios have released a new developer diary that sheds some light on the new narrative-driven Career Mode coming to AO Tennis 2. You’ll not only earn your reputation playing well on the court, but behaviour outside of matches is just as important. Whether at a press conference or in a conversation with your manager, good relationships is key to gaining favour with the public and your sponsors. How you act builds your character and how the public perceive you, allowing you to create your own identity.

In the AO Tennis 2 Career Mode interface, you can check your personal profile to see your progression, as well as your physical skills and attributes to see how you’re progressing. Making sure you strike a good balance between your travel schedule, matches, and training will help prevent injuries and given you enough time to rest.

AO Tennis 2 is releasing on January 9, 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Watch the new developer diary below: