How technology changed online slots

by on December 13, 2019

You don’t have to be a passionate gamer to know that this industry depends heavily on technology and technological advances. In fact, gaming as we know it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for computer technology and the rapid expansion of this industry, especially in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. 

Every video game series, especially the successful and popular ones are good examples of this trend. Let’s take GTA, FIFA or The Sims as examples. These are three of the most popular series of video games and each has sold a total of over 200 million copies combined. 

Case study – GTA

If you compare the first GTA released in 1997 to GTA V which was released in 2013, you will notice an immense difference. The two aren’t just different games, as much as they are different worlds. For starters, the first GTA was a 2D game, whereas GTA V features amazing, realistic graphics. Come to think of it, the switch from 2D to 3D was one of the most impressive shifts in the history of the online gaming world. Many gamers who were fans of GTA I and GTA II were sceptical when the release of a 3D GTA game was announced, but something quite remarkable happened. 

While the first two GTA titles were quite popular, the 3D version was a massive hit, and in fact the popularity of the whole series rose dramatically. The subsequent releases, including the main editions and their sequels were all very popular no exception. 

One of the key reasons why later editions of GTA were more popular then their predecessors is the fact that the widespread use of the internet made it possible for games to be played online. A Metro article from August this year showed that the number of online players is higher than ever.

Online slots throughout the years

While GTA is a rather interesting case, let’s now turn back to our main topic – online slots. If the difference in terms of conventional video games from ten years ago and today, the differences in quality for online slots might be even more obvious. If you have seen the slots from 15 years ago and you then see one of the latest games, you will realise who much has changed and how significant these changes are. 

Up until the first online slots were released during the 1990s, all slots looked very much alike. The symbols were fruit symbols, as well as 7s and bars. Then, slots featuring various themes started being released. 

Cleopatra was probably the first iconic online slot. The original Cleopatra by IGT was released in 2006, but even though it has been over 10 years since its release, the game is still available and played by many. Since it’s release, a number of games with Cleopatra as the main character have been launched, and the Ancient Egypt theme is one of the most common themes with dozen of slot games featuring Egyptian gods, emperors, mythical creatures and buildings such as the pyramids and so. 

Modern slots and how advanced they are

The variety of different themes that are now available, compared to the single fruity theme that dominated retro slots show how much the industry has changed, and how much have online slots changed. The graphics are on another level when compared to older games. Slot games nowadays feature animations, high-quality sounds and soundtracks, as well as exciting bonus feature, mini games, game within games and another elements, even interactive features.

If you look at any of the popular games nowadays, even those that are simpler graphically, like Eye of Horus slot by Reel Time Gaming, you will see how playable they are. 

The first virtual reality slots were launched a while ago and it seems that the industry might take the next steps in that direction. Interactive games where players can make choices that impact the gameplay are also offered, as well as games where it is possible to move up the levels. It is an exciting time for the slots industry and games look a lot more like standard video games, rather than the old fruity slots.