Podcast #375: The Back End

by on December 11, 2019

State of Play for December 2019 has happened, but at the time the two Adams recorded this podcast it was but a thought in all of our heads. Aside from chatting about how Game of the Year (#GIAGGOTY) is coming, Adam Cook has had time to play some of Darksiders Genesis and a little of Children of Morta and When Ski Lifts Go Wrong. Adam Carroll, meanwhile, has finished Astral Chain but wants to save the chat for #GIAGGOTY 2019.

So instead of spending a whole pod chatting games, the duo attempt to predict the future by imagining what release dates and games Sony will show at State of Play, and then launch into a bumper edition of listener correspondence.

Send more of your questions to us, and maybe we’ll do a special podcast in your honour! We got loads this week so have saved some for next week. What’s our favourite podcast moment? It’s that one on the podcast, isn’t it! Ask us via Twitter, or email podcast@GodisaGeek.com to find out.

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