Best Mobile Games for 2020!

by on February 26, 2020

2020 is the year for mobile gaming. There are great comes coming this year, no matter the genre, the niche or what style you like to play, there is something for everybody coming this 2020!

This list takes a look at the best mobile games being released this year and when you can expect to see them ready to download.

Company of Heroes

A WWII historical war game that was meant to be released late last year, so it can’t be far off. Play pivotal battles from the European theatre, starting from D-Day. This historical war game is something to look forward to.

Commandos 2

Commandos 2 is taking its time to be ready. But this is because they keep improving the developments. The strategy and squad-control game is aimed to be released on console and pc too. 

Rebel Cops

A strategy based game which was to be released “soon” in November last year. It is essentially a gritty police tactical layered game. It is already out on PC, so you can check it out there first. You control a ragtag bunch of officers against a new crime wave that has hit your town.

Fury of Dracula

Fury of Dracula is a board game based on the classic asymmetrical board game from the 80’s. The developers, Nomad Games have recently become independent and they are making the most of their freedom. 

Roll for the Galaxy Digital

There isn’t really a great amount of information about this game, other than Temple Gates are working on it. The developers have made quality mobile board games in the past, so the same can be expected for this one. They started accepting beta sign-ups in December 2019, so we hope it will be expected soon.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile 

Confirmed to be released soon in 2020 (around March), this game is based on Auto Chess but with hexes instead of a grid form and a battle roulette for equipment builds. 

League of Legends Mobile

A true version of League of Legends for your smartphone. The game keeps most of the well-known and loved features of the console game, but with a slimmer roster. It is just entering beta phase, so nobody knows much about it and while it isn’t an exact clone of the original, it is as close as it can be.

EVE Echoes

A spin-off from Eve Online, it offers players the same game play with minimal trimming. Vast military and economic campaigns are at your fingertips and are coordinated with a great number of other players.

Diablo Immortal

High quality RPG’s are in short demand, so it would not surprise us if this becomes an instant hit. However, Blizzard is playing this one close and has no new information on when it will be released.


There are loads of exciting new games you can expect to see this coming year, and this is only a small sample. If you are more into real-life sports and are a gambler, this year is good for you too, with sites such as Betway offering great possibilities of winning big.