The Most Popular Sports in the World

by on February 19, 2020

There are many sporting events in the world. Which ones are the most popular? We explore them here.

Sport is a very powerful concept. When you really think about it, sport has been here for as long as anyone can remember – it has become a core part of society. All across the world, people engage in sporting activities, either against each other or in teams. 

Perhaps one of the most incredible things about sport is how universal it is. You can go to almost anywhere in the world and so long as you can find people, you can find sport. It isn’t necessarily something popular or well-known, but in one form or another there is always a sport that is played. 

Despite this, there are sporting events which are universal. These are the most popular and well-known sports, and they exist all across the globe. But what are they?


Football is one of the most universal sports, as well as one of the most enduring ones. From the days when people used to craft a ball from the skin of a pig, to the glorious stadiums that now house global football matches, this sport has stood the test of time. 

Depending on your perspective, football can be a fiercely competitive sport, it can be a hopeful one, or it can be the ultimate symbol of a shared love around the world. The culture is intoxicating in its appeal – people love watching the games and spending time together. 

There’s no denying that football has had a hand in bringing people together. The world is perhaps a more interconnected place because we all share this common love – one of the footie.


Coming in at a close second to football in terms of sport is athletics. Running, jumping, gymnastics – these are all things which are known across the world. They form the cornerstone of the Olympics – a global competition for athletes all across the world. 

These contests are so universal because the concept crosses barriers that culture creates. There is often no need for special equipment or understanding – it is about physical prowess and mental fortitude, which are characteristics we all have. 

Athletics is such a diverse and broad term, but popular examples include running and the long jump. These are simple in their design – we test the power of people based on their body and genetics, as opposed to their intelligence. It is equal parts raw talent, and equal parts technical skill. But the result in either case is hugely popular. 


Tennis is always a popular sport in most parts of the world because it’s got that universal appeal. It can be played in a lot of places with a lot of different rules, and so it becomes a very popular and easy to follow sport. You have to remember that when it comes to tennis, there’s a handful of variations but also a baseline variation as well. 

A lot of people play this game professionally and it does have quite a large fan following. It’s important to understand that when it comes to the concept of tennis that it does have quite a localised and dominated presence in Europe especially. 

Part of what makes this sport so popular is that it involves a lot of technical skill to play at a high level. It’s all about learning the technique and how that contributes to a sophisticated match. A lot of people have tried to make it to the very top of a sporting world like this and fallen short because it does take a lot of time and effort to be an incredible player.


There’s a very raw and primal part of the human mind that still likes to see single combat. Violence is a core part of society whether we want it to be or not – it’s part of the curse of being a person. So to discover that it remains a powerful sport and a core part of life is always thrilling. 

Boxing requires you to be strong, fast and durable. You need strength to make sure that you can keep going, and the will to push past pain and deliver your own powerful punches. It’s definitely a sport for people who like physical strength – an uncivilized activity in a civilized age. 

Boxing has roots both informally and formally, taking place in a variety of locations across the globe. There’s often a lot of matches in America especially, but it can happen anywhere so long as two people are willing to lock horns in a fight.

So overall, these are some of the most popular sports in the world and for good reason. They’re all incredible events which offer a lot and people are often enthused to sit down and play them. You have to be aware that every sport will leave a mark and an impact on the world and help to shape it – it is important to understand exactly how they match up in order to succeed. All of these events contribute in some way towards society, and they’ve all become incredibly popular for people to spend time playing. You would be wise to make sure that you have a lot of different sporting events available to pick from for the most balanced and easy to enjoy entertainment possible. Never be afraid to try something new!