The top 3 list of popular gambling games for real money

by on February 4, 2020

The Internet enables users to visit the casino without leaving their home, which they happily use. In this article, we wanted to present the list of popular online gambling games to date available in online casinos.

1. Blackjack (“21”)

Blackjack is the number 1 in our list of popular gambling games among fans of online casinos. Blackjack rules are very simple: a player is given two cards at the beginning of the game. He must calculate the number of points (accrual, as in most similar games, ace-11 points or 1 point, all pictures are 10, 10-10 points, etc.). The task is to score such a number of points so that it is as close as possible to 21. For this, you can take as many cards as you like but if you get more than 21 you are Bust. When the player considers its enough cards, he says Stand (in the online versions there is a special button for this).

If you get more than 21, you lost, if exactly 21 – automatic victory. In other words, player’s cards points must be higher than the dealers’ but not more than 21.

Now almost all online casinos offer their users to play blackjack, so players do not have problems finding a resource to play one of the most popular gambling game from our list.

Blackjack strategies

It is impossible to win in this game constantly, but if you act competently, you can always stay in the black. The most popular method is card counting. When each card is issued, a certain value is assigned to it (2-6 = -1; 7-9 = 0; 10-A = 1), you can read more about card counting here on the wiki page.

When the number takes a positive value, the player has a great chance of winning. Many casinos are struggling to identify such advanced players and prohibit them from entering institutions.

However, this technique is used only in real casinos, because there is no deck in the Internet versions, and cards are dropped as a result of the random number generator. Therefore, fans of online casinos have to rely only on the good luck rather than counting skill.

How much can you win within Blackjack game?

The size of the possible winnings here is not limited, which attracts many people. In most casinos, the stakes are unlimited, so you can quickly break a huge jackpot. At the same time, on most portals they organize regular tournaments with solid prize pools.

Summarizing all of the above, we can highlight the main advantages of blackjack:

  • Unlimited winnings;
  • Permanent tournaments to break the big jackpot;
  • Simple rules without pitfalls;
  • Quick rounds.

2. Poker

Poker – another leader in the list of popular gambling games. It is also a leader in the scope of prize money being played. There are many varieties of poker, but Texas Hold’em is the most popular, and Omaha is in second place. The number of establishments where you can play (the so-called poker rooms) is a lot around the net. It is also possible to play for free or for money, depending on the size of the limits.

The rules of poker are very simple and you can learn them in just 10 minutes.

Poker strategies

The complexity of each strategy is that it is suitable in one game against one opponent, and in another game, it does not fit at all. This is poker’s huge interest – to understand whom you play with and what strategy to use. In different cases, the result will be different. Psychology is important here as well as a perfect Poker Face.

How much can you win

You can win a lot of money at poker. There are many tables with large limits where you can earn decent money.

Poker advantages

  • Unpredictability of the game;
  • You can play almost anywhere with a computer or at least a phone;
  • You can play for money or for free;
  • Despite the gambling nature, poker is a game in which you can really just have a good time;
  • A large amount of literature and video on poker available everywhere.

3. Baccarat

The third game on our list of popular gambling games is Baccarat. By its rules, it is very similar to Blackjack. At the beginning, two cards are dealt, but if necessary, one more is given. The player’s task is to score the amount of points as close as possible to 9. The ace is 1 point, 2-9 have the same amount of points as their face value, and 10-K gives 0 points. If more than 10 points are obtained, then 10 is subtracted from the amount received. For example, 8 + 7 = 15 = 5.

The third card is dealt if the first two players scored less than 5 points (for the banker less than 4). There are three types of bets in Baccarat:

  • Per player (1 to 1);
  • Bet on Dealer/Bank (1 to 1..5%);
  • On a draw (1 to 9).

Baccarat game strategies

This game does not imply any strategies, because little depends on a person here. Almost the entire process takes place in random order. However, experienced users argue that it is most profitable to bet on the bank, since according to statistics it plays more often than others do.

Baccarat is not as popular as poker or blackjack. Therefore, the choice of portals where you can play it is limited.

Advantages of Baccarat

We highlight the main advantages:

  • Simplicity;
  • High speed rounds;
  • Unlimited winnings.


All games depend on luck (mostly). No matter how advanced the user is, practically nothing depends on him. The benefits are on a side of the casino. Bets and possible winnings are distributed in such a way that the casino will always be in a plus, relative to the user.