Look Out For These Amazing Casino Bonuses When Playing Online in 2020

by on March 13, 2020

Bonuses, or “comps”, are an integral part of the modern casino gambling experience. These perks allow casinos to attract and retain customers, especially high rollers. Vegas Casinos have a wealth of options to pick from when looking for these bonuses. 

Tickets to exclusive shows, free booze and food, penthouse suites – the list of perks that you can look forward to at a land-based casino these days are pretty impressive. What about the top online casinos? Do they have anything comparable to offer in the realm of bonuses? 

What are the two main kinds of online casino bonuses? 

Like Vegas casinos, their online counterparts also provide freebies and perks to attract and retain paying customers. But these online casinos don’t have access to options like free liquor, hotel rooms, or concert tickets. 

Instead, they offer bonuses that enhance your bankroll at the casino – allowing you to play more and win more. Often, they even provide real cash as a bonus! This is different from comps at Vegas, where the focus is on delivering extra entertainment. Online, it is all about getting maximum playtime for yourself, for free! 

Casino bonuses online come in various forms, and aimed at two different kinds of players – welcome bonuses are aimed at new players, ones that are registering at the casino website for the first time ever. Other bonuses are aimed at regular players – the ones who stick around after exhausting their welcome bonus. They are both displayed in the “Promotions” page of online casinos. 

Types of Welcome Bonuses at an online casino

Online casinos offer two different types of welcome bonuses – one linked to your first cash deposit, and less commonly, one that does not require a cash deposit. The latter is called a “no deposit bonus, and it has two forms:


  • No Deposit Cash Bonus – A no deposit cash bonus is a token amount, usually between $5 and $20 that the casino puts in a new player’s account. To claim this offer, you just have to create a new casino account. Usually, the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn – it is only to be used for playing games at the casino. However, winnings made with the bonus can cashed out up to a specific limit. 



  • No Deposit Free Spins – Instead of free cash, the casino will offer you a set amount of free spins on select video slots. These spins are real money spins, meaning any winnings resulting from them can be converted to cash. 


The other kind of welcome bonus is tied to player deposits. They are triggered when you deposit a certain amount of cash into your newly created casino account. This bonus often comes as a package involving the following components: 


  • Deposit matching bonus – A matching bonus is one where the casino will add an amount equal to a certain percentage of your original deposit. The percentage is often in multiples of 100, with 150%, 200%, 300% bonuses are quite common. With large deposits, you can often get thousands of dollars as bonus money. 



  • Free Spins – Casinos often provide up to 100 free spins along with their deposit cash bonuses. In partnership with major software vendors, these offers are restricted to specific slot games as a marketing trick. 


Types of Regular Player Bonuses

Regular bonuses are not that different from the ones provided to new players. They involve the same components – free spins and matching deposits (also called reloads). They can be classified based on their scheduling: 


  • Recurring Bonus Offers – These include daily and weekly promotions that run at a casino for months or even years. Such bonuses are triggered when you make a deposit on specific days, like Mondays, Wednesdays, or weekends. Some offers are available on all days of the week. 



  • Seasonal/Festive Offers – These come around once a year, often on special occasions like 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Sometimes they are month-long offers triggered by a change in season – like Winter Specials and Spring Bonuses. 


Aside from matching deposit offers and free spins, you can also look forward to some special offers in the form of cashbacks. If you play often at a casino, they will provide a percentage of your weekly or monthly losses as free cash to you. The percentage you get can be increased by joining the casino VIP club. 

Casino bonuses should rank high on the list of priorities when you look for a new online gambling platform in 2020. They can seriously enhance your winning chances, but only if you are careful when picking the casino. Check out this handy guide on selecting the right casino for you before you make a decision.