4 Video Games Designed By Students

by on April 27, 2020

To create a video game often requires a large number of talented and trained people working together on various parts of the project, some require teams of several hundred people, but time has shown that it is quite possible to take on all the tasks for one person or several students who can create award-winning rewards amusements.

So who created video games? These talented artists not only have the development skills necessary to create an outstanding video game, but they also often have talents in literature, music, art, directing, and many others. Of course, they are able to create plays that even large development studios could be proud of. So if you ever had a doubt in yourself, read this article on how student made games.

  1. Braid

Braid was one of the first major indie games to come out and show that small groups of people and individual designers can be as good as large development studios without any help. This thought-provoking puzzle was developed by Jonathan Blow and received many positive reviews.

Blow, a computer science student who left university early began developing the Braid game in 2004. He invested a lot of time and finance in its creation, believed in his project, and agreed with Microsoft to publish it on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.

The original version of the amusement showed rough drawings and graphics, so Blow secured the support of illustrator David Hellman to bring his ideas to life. It was a great success that remains unforgettable to this day.

  1. ARTé: Mecenas

A&M University of Texas staff and students have developed the ARTé: Mecenas video game on art history.

The game was created to complement the basic course on the history of art, according to the portal Edutainment. Acting on behalf of the Medici family, you can follow the development of the culture of the Renaissance. The plot of the amusement tells how the Italian economy influenced the development of the art at that time. Players must build a system of social and financial ties to participate in the creation of famous works of art and become patrons of the arts. A patron is the highest level that can be achieved in a game.

The project is supervised by the Triseum IT company, whose professional game designers help students finalize the amusement to present it to another university. ARTé: Mecenas is the first in a series of games to complement the curriculum. In November 2015, a British university introduced a project to study biochemistry using the popular Minecraft game for students.

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  1. Cave Story

Cave Story, featuring old-style graphics, catchy chiptune sound, charming characters, and addictive gameplay, successfully captured classic 8-bit platform games, and one guy did it all in his spare time.

This 2004 release is still popular to this day, reprinted for Nintendo Switch only last year, and is often cited as a prime example of what individual independent developers are capable of.

The amusement was made by Daisuke Amaya. He was a college student when he started working on the game and added elements over the years as a favorite project, even working full time as a developer. Amaya later said that he came up with a lot of ideas and a plot game, being inspired by his favorite online amusements, as well as taking heroes like Mario as an example for developing heroes.

  1. Affection Collection

Recently, in Australia, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has developed a special application for cats called “Affection Collection”, which consists of three video games. In one of them, kitties should protect the cheese from hungry mice, in the other, they can play with a ball of thread, and in the third – cook vegetables in a pan.

The main developer of the Affection Collection who received this assignment was Saxon Cameron, a student at Bond University in Australia. According to him, cats really like these amusements and therefore they are much less bored when the owners leave them at home alone.


So here is the question of how are video games created by students. It is not necessary to have a huge team to develop an interesting and high-quality game. It is enough to be focused on assignment, confident, and inspired students to win the hearts of players. Do what you love, develop and you will surely succeed.