How Video Games Have Changed the Way of Students Learning

by on April 8, 2020

Video games have created a craze among students since they first appeared on the market. The gaming market has developed a lot since then. Right now, students have access to prettier graphics, richer stories, and amazing features. We’re constantly dubbing into the potential and discovering new things every single day.

Because of the interest, there’s been a great debate regarding whether or not students should be playing video games or not. Research has shown that too much gaming can seriously harm a student’s performance and well-being. But on the other hand, there’s the inevitable fact that controlled and balanced playing of video games comes with a tremendous set of benefits.

Now, we definitely cannot ignore this. By choosing the best video games, students can enjoy plenty of benefits that have changed the education for better. Here are just a few of the many things that have shaped modern education of today.

1.Games are Used as a Learning Tool

Games are entertaining and have the power to stick in the memory for a long, long time. Everything is much easier to master when the process is made enjoyable. Knowing this, many educators have jumped into the opportunity to use video games to help their students learn.

Just think about it. Students can forget a lot they’ve learned in class, but will remember most of their gaming experience. With the right choice of a video game, students can learn more efficiently and more in the long-term sense. For example, the Kanda University of International Studies has employed a course that includes video games that teach a foreign language, and the results are quite impressive.

2.Games are a Great Motivator

When you know that you can get back to an amazing game after you’ve written your paper or finished studying, you get more motivation to learn. Of course, you can always hire the best essay writers on the market if you can no longer focus on the tasks in hand or if things get too hard, but the truth remains – games are an excellent motivator. They can be used as rewards after a job well done, making the entire studying process that much easier. It’s a simple, cost-free reward that all tech-savvy students will really enjoy.

3.Games Boost the Skillset

Even the shyest, biggest introverts in school use video games to socialize with people. Have you wondered why this is the case? Well, games make it possible for everyone to communicate with others. They teach people how to collaborate, solve problems in a team, and even make friends. There are plenty of video games that promote collaboration and allow students to play with other, real-life players. All these are essential life skills that every student should possess.


4.Games Improve Focus and Concentration

The link between boosted concentration and video games is stronger than ever. Did you know that Minecraft, one of the first worldwide popular games has had tremendous success with autistic children? Gaming is private and yet, it nurtures creativity and keeps the brain sharp.

This is an exceptional benefit for students who constantly need a motivational and concentration boost to keep on with their studies and academic burden.

5.Games Help Cope with Failure

Failure is inevitable in life, and for everyone. In video games, this is even more present. When students play video games, they learn the harsh truth and establish their own ways of dealing with failure. And not only that! Students have to learn from their failures to win the game, which is an amazing skill to have in the real world.

6.Games Beat Stress

Stress is a very common issue among students. They have too much to deal with and very often, they need a good outlet to let the steam off. Well, gaming can provide them with relief and help them focus on something else other than their studies, even if it is for a little bit.

Even so, it is crucial that video gaming is limited. At the moment when it starts interfering with the daily obligations and tasks of a student, there are many downsides to playing games.

When you’re too tired of scouring the web for good research paper ideas or studying for exams, a game can be an excellent outlet to get rid of the stress and tension. In fact, based on all the benefits we mentioned above, students can literally make their down time productive and relaxing all at the same time.

Author’s Bio

Joshua Robinson is a video game developer. He has a PhD in information technology and video gaming development. By combining his amazing creative mind and the ten-year experience, Joshua has managed to create excellent games for gaming lovers and enthusiasts.