Latest Games to Play at Online Casinos Today

by on April 7, 2020

Almost all new games at online casinos are video slots. They encompass the entire spectrum of themes and players will not fail to find what excites them. Geeks are a class apart and usually prefer some of the following features in video slot machines.

  • Scenarios of the future
  • Fast paced action
  • Computer generated visuals based on fantasy
  • Video game brands

We have picked four recent video slots, each of which fits into one of the concepts tighter than a body suit. If you do want to spin the reels without betting real money you can play demo versions

Attack on Retro from Microgaming

Our favorite entrant for 2020

The bright and vibrant setting infuses the futuristic environment with a touch of retro, which gives players the best of both ages. Two stylish cyberpunk heroes, Billy and Jesse, are on a mission to defend their city against robot attacks. Both are wild symbols and can appear expanded on the reels. When they combine their powers the win potential is even greater. Fluorescent coloured wave board, synthesizer and stereo symbols create the retro atmosphere. 

During any spin enemy robots may appear over the reels and face the laser attack from Billy and Jesse. A wild symbol will emerge where a robot is vanquished. When the free spins feature is activated you can pick from three options: 2 free spins at 5x payouts, 5 free spins at 2x payouts or 10 free spins at 1x payout. The most exciting feature is Respin Hyperspins. At the end of a spin, you can respin any one reel keeping the others fixed. There is a cost attached. So, do you take a risk or you let the chance go?

The slot game is brimming with neon laser effects and high-tech gadgets. The audio has a remix of vintage techno sounds and 80s synth wave music. Concluding the description, Microgaming says, “Attack on Retro is set to create an upbeat and high energy gameplay experience.”

777 Heist from Red Rake

All geeks love a slick heist. This slot game is set in an art gallery and you have to steal the Mona Lisa by neutralising the laser alarms. The burglar is the wild symbol. Additional heist targets as symbols are Kohinoor Diamond, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Venus de Milo.  

777 Heist has a unique slots structure and the difference adds to the excitement. The symbols are set in a 5×5 matrix and wins are achieved by lining up required symbols horizontally or vertically. The winning symbols disappear and new ones take their place. The payout multiplier increases by 1x. All this happens in the same spin. If you nab the works of art on the reels, your wins will contribute to filling a meter. Once the meter is full then the high potential free spins feature will be awarded. 

If you do not win in a spin, your thief skills may be upgraded to give you a second chance. 

  • Hacking: A random symbol will be chosen and all such symbols will be replaced by another one
  • Harness: Two wild symbols will appear on the reels
  • Smoke Bomb: Two random symbols will be chosen and all instances of both symbols will disappear to be replaced by others.

The operating buttons are set in a console and the action is driven to the fast paced beat of futuristic audio. 

Ocean’s Treasure from NetEnt

Kraken, in Scandinavian mythology, is a legendary and gigantic sea monster that dwells off the coast and terrorises sailors. In English literature, Kraken features in Tennyson’s sonnet, in Melville’s novel Moby Dick and in Wyndham’s apocalyptic science fiction epic. NetEnt has visualised Kraken as a giant octopus that guards the ocean’s treasure with the help of two mermen. Beyond the imposing background visual, Kraken does not feature in the slot game, but there are other attractions for geeks. The symbols are crafted in an ornate manner. The stacked wild figure of the mermaid bearing Neptune’s trident is stunning. The path to the treasures leads through a bottled map, a compass and a key.   

Land three scatters and trigger the multi-level free spins feature. The entry level kicks off with 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier. Each time a wild symbol appears on the reel you get two more free spins and fill up half the Level Meter. When the meter is full you advance deeper in your search for treasure at a higher level with an increased multiplier. Kraken yields the treasure at Level 5 with 12x multiplier. Bryon Upton, NetEnt Director of Games says, “With the potential to gain up to 102 additional Free Spins and an RTP of 95.99%, Ocean’s Treasure is a dynamic title aimed at players who enjoy high-volatility gameplay.”

The ocean depth setting is visually effective and the gurgling of the waves makes for interesting background audio. 

Kingdoms Rise: Captains Treasure from Playtech

Kingdoms Rise is a multiplayer fantasy game focused on sword combat. 

Select your choice of weapons and abilities and step into a battlefield where skill alone will decide your fate.” 

Playtech has released a number of branded video slots based on Kingdoms Rise, the latest of which is subtitled Captains Treasure. The leading slots developer has built in a pirate theme into the series. Join Red Jack and his crew in their quest for the greatest riches of the realm. You will not be sailing the high seas. The adventure takes place in a fantasy world aboard a flying ship that traverses fire-red clouds. 

The features that players loved in the earlier Kingdoms Rise slot games are obviously included. Gold coins appearing attached to any pay symbol will be added to your personal treasure trove. You can use them to buy any bonus feature on offer. For 500 coins you will get a Respins feature with one compass wild. Spend 1000 coins for a feature that guarantees two compass wilds. Wait till you hoard 1500 coins to purchase the Respins feature with three compass wilds. All Kingdoms Rise slots are networked to the 3-tier progressive jackpot, one of which will hit every day. 

What the Future Holds

Look out for the following titles in the coming months.

  • Street Fighter II
  • Serengeti Kings
  • Game of Thrones Power Stacks
  • Deadmau5