7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Facial Recognition Technologies

by on May 13, 2020

Face recognition technology is currently being used to make the world smarter, safer, and way more convenient. This technology does not look like something out of a science fiction movie anymore.

The recent developments in the world of technology have led the face recognition tools to a vast proliferation in so many fields, the important ones being, protecting law enforcement, finding missing persons, helping the blind, costing the cheaters at the casinos with hefty fines, identifying people on social media platforms, recognizing VIPs at sports events, preventing retail crime, unlocking phones, protecting the schools from threatful activities, and keeping a track in school attendance.

Let’s compile a brief list of the day-to-day activities in which this face recognition technology is being used to make this world a better place to live.

  • Payments

Payments can now be verified with one’s physical appearance. Renowned financial companies these days are launching tools like “selfie-pay”, where an identity check in a security authentication process can be done automatically by the face recognition tool. The tool identifies an individual by scanning the geometric templates of his face.

  • Healthcare

Nowadays medical professionals have also been using this technology to identify the type of illness, by scanning the features of the patients. The diseases can be easily diagnosed through the detectable changes in the appearances of the patients. For instance, face recognition technology has been used at the National Human Genome Research Institute, in detecting a rare disease called DiGeorge Syndrome; in which a portion of the 22nd chromosome goes missing.

  • Smarter Advertising

Face recognition tools can make advertising more targeted as in some cases it ensures classifications of the target audience according to their age and gender. This facility has provided the advertisers with chances to get closer to their target market like never before. For example, if the user in front of the screen is a male between the ages of 12 to 21, the screen will probably show an advertisement for the latest online FIFA game.

  • Casinos

In recent days, the face recognition technology is being used in the security cameras installed in the Super Casino across the countries to identify the players. This technology scans their facial features and compares the features against the database containing facial geometric templates. This powerful tool is often used to determine the familiar cheaters. Through this technology, casino operators can get real-time perceptions of suspicious activities on the gaming floor.

Many enthusiast gamblers around the globe play online but are afraid of forgery. Presently there is exciting news for them. Moreover, various casinos use this facial recognition tool online to ensure the players for keeping a close watch to all who may participate in money laundering activities. 


  • Law Enforcement Protection:-


There are mobile face recognition apps such as FaceFirst, which have already helped many police officers identifying suspects who may be armed as well as dangerous. These types of apps also help the common people by giving them contextual data regarding who they have been dealing with, whether they need to be cautious, and keep a safe distance.


  • Finding Missing Persons


Face recognition technology has been proven to be of great help in finding missing children and victims of human trafficking. The images of the missing individuals are added to a database and thus they can be recognized by face recognition the moment they are seen anywhere– be it a retail store, or a railway station, or any other public place. This technology has already created history by finding 3000 missing children in India just in 4 days.


  • Identifying People on Social Media


Facebook can automatically recognize the users whenever they appear in photos, by using face recognition tools. This helps the users find images they are in and suggest tags for themselves. They can also suggest particular people who should be tagged in those images.


With the launch of the iPhone X, there are presently a huge number of individuals over the globe who are availing this face recognition innovation in their palms. It is just a matter of time that we find face-recognition as an omnipresent technology in the world of advertising.  

Facial biometrics are being put in industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Some companies have already been planning to install screens with a built-in face recognition system at gas-stations. These tools have brought much ease in forensic investigations too, as this technology can automatically recognize individuals in security footages; unconscious or dead individuals at crime scenes can also be identified with the use of this face recognition software.

In short, this face recognition technology is gradually becoming an inevitable part to create a smarter world, along with digitalizing all the sectors with user-friendly attitudes.