Learn step by step to make more profit from poker game

by on May 18, 2020

According to the definition of Wikipedia, Poker is ‘any of a number of card games in which players wager over which hand is best according to that specific game’s rules in ways similar to these rankings. So, we understand that it is a game of chance where players bet money or any other item of value and depend on their chance to either win or lose money. In other words, Poker is a game of chance decided by the cards that are dealt. How is this game played exactly and what sort of cards are used in this? Let us discuss them below.

What is Poker?

As defined earlier, Poker is a game of cards. It involves anywhere between one to five players who all play against each other and wage bets. There is also a dealer involved in the game but the dealer’s part is limited to only dealing(distributing) cards and monitoring the money that each player wages. 

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Before moving on to understanding how betting works in the game, let us recognize the different levels of card combinations and their rankings. We shall consider a standard 52-deck card collection for this situation which we already know has four sets of thirteen cards each with Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs. Since there are four cards for each number (such as four Kings, Queens, Jacks etc), there is no ranking between such cards. That means a king of hearts is the same as the king of spades. However, there is definite ranking between different cards of the same suit or of different suits. For example, a king of clubs ranks higher that a jack of aces or for that matter a jack of clubs itself. All in all, there exists a hierarchy in the thirteen cards that are present in the deck. 

In the game, five cards are distributed to each player. There are, in total, eight kinds of combinations which are ranked as per their value. They are: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two pairs, Pair, and a High card. Each of these ranks is created with a different set of cards. For instance, a Royal flush is made when there is a king, queen, jack, ace and a ten, and all of these cards should be of the same suit (either of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts or Clubs). Flush is obtained when there are five cards of the same suit. 

Once the cards are dealt, the first player wages in something called a ‘forced bet’. This is the nominal amount which every player has to wage in to start the game. You can think of this as an entry fee for the game. The same procedure is followed when playing online. There are, however, some online Poker websites which provide the payers with an initial bet amount as a goodwill. I found that dewapoker is one such website that provides the initial bet amount to its users. 

After the initial bet, each player will get his turn to raise the bet. It works like this; one of the players who believes that his cards have a higher ranking than other sets on the table will raise his bet because he knows that he will surely win. Following this, other players will meet the bet amount and then raise the amount. The game follows a pattern of speculation and an understanding of logic between the players. Let say that one of the players has bet a huge amount on his cards, and others are not sure if they would be able to match that ranking. So, all players eventually start ‘folding’ their cards. This means that when their turn comes, they submit their cards instead of holding them and raising the bets.

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Finally, either all of the players except one fold and the player standing will win, or two players remain at the end. In such cases, the players ‘call’ for each other’s cards. Both sets of cards are compared and whoever has the highest-ranking set wins the game. 

Why Poker for betting?

Poker is played more in the US and worldwide, more than other games such as golf, billiards, or tennis. Naturally people gravitate towards this game for making money. Globally there are more than 60 million poker players in the USA only and roughly 100 million worldwide. There are casinos dedicated for this game and players who spend most of their time in these casinos playing this game. By looking at these statistics, you might be wondering; why does poker generate such interest? Part of the fan-following of this game is because of its availability on online platforms. There are thousands of websites and mobile apps that offer online poker and these are always generating huge revenue both for the players and the site owners. Secondly, poker is shown to be the game played by the elites and billionaires in movies and TV shows. This naturally creates a hype around the game in the minds of the viewers and therefore leads to a subsequent increase in the playing demographic. 

Another reason for its popularity is that it helps train the players’ minds by allowing them to make educated assumptions about the cards of their opponents. This, coupled with the fact that it is easy money with least investment, are one of the greater reasons for poker’s popularity. According to a survey conducted, around $56 billion were spent on poker in the USA only in 2019. This shows us poker’s influence over the public’s minds and the place it holds in their lives. 

Furthermore, unlike other games, poker provides viewers with secondary and tertiary levels of betting. This means that even if someone is not directly involved in the game, they can bet on one of the players and make money. In some cases, the secondary bets could be as much as the actual bets in the game. All in all, there are many reasons why poker is considered for betting but the underlying reason is that it tends to the human curiosity and the rush that comes with playing the odds.