Best Tips for Revising Your Writing

by on June 10, 2020

Students wish to get high scores when doing assignments because these tasks influence their grade point average. Since there is never much time to make changes in the sit-in examinations, one wants to ensure that they maximize the opportunity to adequately revise the take-home assignments. While this may be taken lightly by some groups, most people treat it with utmost seriousness due to its significant impact in determining a person’s future. The modern world’s education has seen many students going a step ahead to pay someone to write a paper for them. These professionals ensure that they apply the best tips for revision. 

Deletion of the Unnecessary

There is a common tendency to use terms or phrases that do not add value to academic essays. While it is always worthwhile to explain point to detail, the best revising strategies recommend that we remove redundant sentences. However, one should ensure that the meaning is not lost or altered as that compromises the intended information. That is, there are possibilities of someone losing the concept while planning to delete perceived unnecessary phrases or words. Some of the ways of avoiding unnecessary word in an essay include:

  • Avoiding repetitive wording
  • Elimination of unnecessary modifiers and determiners
  • Removal of words that provide excessive details or that explain prominent concepts
  • Avoiding redundant pairs of words such as true facts, future plans, end result, and past memories, among others.
  • Remove redundant categories like round in shape, large in size, or bright in color

Rearrange Paragraphs

The conventional format for writing essays comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion. Although a piece of work or done assignment may have all of the mentioned parts, it is critical to be sure that there is an appropriate arrangement of all the paragraphs. For instance, the introductory paragraph should have a thesis statement that communicates the work content to the reader. A typical paper written in a hurry might have lacked a logical flow of ideas. Thus, there are chances that a student may start with the body while brainstorming on the correct wording to write the introduction. However, it is vital to ascertain that the final work is only submitted upon ensuring that the individual paragraphs are rearranged because captivation is based on the flow of the ideas that the writer or student presents.

Add Some Details

Students are occasionally asked a common question or those that they find easy to comprehend. Consequently, they rush to answer them to reserve enough time for more complex ones. There have been scenarios where results surprise students because they end up scoring low marks in assignments they never found too challenging to do. They understand where the problem lies by looking at tutors’ comments, which might include issues of having had insufficient explanations. Notably, many instructors fail to inform their students about the required threshold to attain a particular grade. For this reason, some institutions insist on the inclusion of rubrics whenever lecturers send their students assignments. These instructions include the specific elements in creative writing revision by comparing stated guidelines to their actual work. Some of the advantages of adding details in your work are:

  • Communication is clearer
  • It motivates creative thinking
  • Eliminates ambiguity
  • It makes it easy to comprehend
  • Improves one’s overall writing skills

Check Grammar and Spelling

Grammatical mistakes are common in essay writing. While a person may legitimately lack an adequate mastery of the language used, others may make mistakes without knowing. Identifying the latter becomes a problem because you may end up reading what is in mind rather than the writing. There are specific editing and revising tools like Grammarly, which help people to correct grammatical errors in work. Besides, the tool assists in the elimination of redundant words or phrases and dangling modifiers. During the process of checking grammar, a student needs to be sure to use the right and recommended language version. For example, using UK English may be penalized when writing for a US-based university’s paper. Words like behavior, honor, among others, are words that exhibit different spelling. 

Focus on Structure

Every type of work has a conventional structure that a writer has to follow. Some students find it demanding to meet the set standard, but they have no option because their final grade is dependent on it. Professional writing service providers like writemyessayforme.co.uk, for example, have dependable options for structures that each paper type must exhibit. Some instructors in universities and colleges are always particular on the strategy, and they teach about it when they are advising students on how to revise an essay. The following are some of the critical points that a student can rely on to ensure that the paper structure is correct:

  • There should be a commanding idea that a reader can trace in the writing
  • The paper lead should depict the sense of focus and interest
  • The individual paragraphs should easily and freely link with the main idea
  • Each section should have a clear and precise topic sentence, regularly coming at the beginning of the paragraph
  • The conclusion should wrap or give an overall overview of the whole work

Develop a Checklist 

In the context of revision strategies for writing, a checklist refers to the list of all the issues and areas of concern that a person wants to make sure that they address. There is always a high probability of forgetting to address specific areas that could influence a student’s grade point average. Ideal revision helps confirm that their essay is well organized with all the correct formatting and logical paragraphs. Also, you get the chance to look at the essay content and style. For instance, the paper length should be adequate and appropriate with the right tone and sufficient examples. Moreover, the checklist could include the element of proofreading as well as research sources or references. Indeed, many students have difficulties in ensuring that they have met all the essay requirements. Fortunately, there are available online writing services such as https://perfectessay.com/write-my-thesis, which offer opportunities for professionally written papers at affordable costs.

In conclusion, the tips discussed above have helped learners boost their writing skills. Indeed, it may prove to be challenging to meet all of them. However, the quest for good grades motivates an individual to strive and make sure they do sufficient revision before submitting assignments. Most higher learning institutions have incorporated sessions within their program, where learners are trained on the most appropriate ways of revising their writing. Therefore, it is imperative for students, alike, to ensure that they apply the hints to help them score higher grades as they prepare to land in the job market.