Maximizing your winnings at slots with one simple strategy

by on June 2, 2020

Ever met a slot fanatic who doesn’t care whether they ultimately win or lose? We would be willing to bet a lot of money on the fact that you haven’t, mainly because these people simply don’t exist. Everybody plays slots with one main goal in mind, and that is to make more money than they began with, you just cannot argue with that. But here’s the thing: winning on the slots isn’t actually as easy as it might look, in fact it can often be a hell of a lot harder. The amount of people who have jumped right into the world of online slots without much thought to what they are doing is staggering, and this almost always results in the losing of money, rather than the opposite. If you want to walk away from a gambling session with a profit you simply have to know what you’re doing. 

Many novice gamblers at this point clammer for some kind of universal slots strategy here, one thing you can do that will return a 100% win rate or close enough. Unfortunately, however, this is something that simply doesn’t exist. Slots, just like with any other gambling game, are ultimately dictated by the laws of chance and probability, so the only strategy worth adhering too is one that seeks to improve your odds of winning at every turn. And it is remarkably simple too provided you put in the required amount of effort. There is no quick fix for a gambler that is always losing at slots, but it doesn’t take much to begin maximising your winnings wherever possible. So sit back and enjoy the ride, as we delve into a way to maximise your winnings at slots with one simple strategy – click to play slot games

Have a firm grasp on the basics 

First off, it is absolutely crucial that you have a basic understanding of the rules of online slots and how they work, or else you will quickly find yourself haemorrhaging money. You also need to have a good grasp of some basic vocabulary in the slots world, otherwise it will be hard to understand certain aspects of slot games. For instance: 

  •         Grid matrix: This is the site on which all symbols will appear. In most modern online slots a 3×5 grid matrix is used, however more classic style slots can also employ a 1×3 configuration.
  •         Pay lines: An essential part of all slots are the pay lines, as this is where you will make your winning symbol combinations. Originally slots only had one pay line, however these days they can have up to fifty in various sequences.
  •         Wild symbols: Wild symbols are a fairly modern invention, a type of icon that can swap with all other ones apart from the scatter and make winning combinations.
  •         Scatter symbols: Scatter symbols in most slots reward a number of free spins to the gambler, and they can also send you through to bonus features in some cases too.

Learn the deciding factors when choosing a slot to play 

Once you have a firm grasp on basic vocabulary it is time to put learn some of the deciding factors when choosing a slot to play, because this choice can easily result in the loss of money. Every single slot is different, and there is actually a remarkable amount of variety in terms of the amount of money it is possible to win. 

The main thing you are going to want to look out for when you are making the decision is the RTP of any given slot game. This stands for Return To Player, and indicates how much money the gambler can expect to see back from their overall wager. Aim for something above 97% and you will be well on your way to securing a nice amount of winnings.  

How to make the most use out of a slot game 

You could choose an online slot with 99+%, however you still need to know how to make the most out of a slot game before you can start maximising your eventual winnings. One of the key things to consider that many people forget about is the volatility of the slot you are playing. A high volatility makes it easier to win big bucks, but also easier to lose it, whilst a low volatility means absolutely the opposite. 

So, if you are playing a high volatility slot you are going to want to make big bets in order for it to be worth it. Alternatively you can pluck away with lots of little wins with a low volatility slot, it ultimately all depends on how you like to gamble on the slots.  

Making full use of online slot bonuses 

Now, in the modern world of online slot it is the bonus features that give you the best chance of maximising your winnings, and as a result it is absolutely crucial that you make complete use of them. This means doing your research into exactly how they work, and perhaps even practising on free mode before spending real money. 

Some gamblers might laugh at this, but it definitely the best way to get to grips with how the bonus games in a slot work, and will definitely maximise your chances of winning. 

Counting the average number of spins between each win

So far this has been a strategy grounded on getting basic things right, however there is also a simple trick that many experienced slot gamblers will always have in their arsenal. Counting the number of spins between each win and deducing an average from this amount can prove instrumental in knowing when to bet big and when to hold off. 

The problems with strategies such as the Martingale 

From the title of this article you may have simply been expecting a summary of something like the Martingale bet strategy, however as we explained before it just doesn’t work like that if you want a genuinely winning strategy. The reason why is most betting strategies are just far too rigid, and don’t account for any real life slot game scenarios.