Online Slot Myths Debunked

by on July 13, 2020

Over the years the global gambling market has experienced several profound changes and developments, however we really don’t think you can argue that the current dominance of the best slots to play and online casinos is undeniably the biggest change the gambling market has ever experienced. With the help of online slots and online casino annual revenue from the gambling sector has been multiplied by at least one hundred – it’s crazy! 

There is no surprise there really, because the amount of people playing online slots in the 21st century is really quite ludicrous. In fact, gambling analysts predict that online slot gambling can often make up 10% of all Internet traffic, which is a pretty crazy statistic. With this level of popularity there are bound to be a few online slot myths floating about, read ahead for an article debunking some of the most popular. 

Developers can control who wins and who does not 

The human race loves a conspiracy theory doesn’t it? One of the most prominent ones in the field of online gambling has got to be the preconceived idea that online slot developers can somehow control who wins and who does not. Some people envisage them to be a kind of evil puppet master, making sure the people it likes win, and the people that it does not lose. 

But here’s the thing: online slots are literally only possible because of a piece of technology called a RNG or Random Number Generator. This makes sure that the reels are spinning in a wholeheartedly random and undetermined way, and it is very difficult to override it once it is put in place. So no, developers cannot control who wins and who does not! 

All huge jackpot wins are a result of hacking 

Some of the more jealous slot gamblers amongst us suspect that all huge jackpot wins are actually a result of hacking, because the odds of winning that much are always so small that they just don’t think its impossible. Well, we hate to break it to these people, but almost all of the online slot jackpot wins have been proven to be completely legal and not at all involved with any kind of hacking whatsoever. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that there are constantly people trying to win money through online slot hacking, but they rarely ever get very far due to the stringent security measures in place. 

There is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning 

We know we said that online slots are largely governed by a Random Number Generator before, however this does not necessarily mean that there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning, or that online slot gambling was an inherently random exercise. 

Whilst the outcome on the machine that you play on is largely random, the choice of what machine you play on definitely is not, and different slots have different odds. So you can see how there is something you can do to increase your chances of winning, right? Pick a game with great RTP!