Podcast #403: Attention to the Nostrils – Fuser, Crayta, Trackmania

by on July 8, 2020

It’s the duo-name show, with Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Chris Hyde – there is absolutely no way this can get confusing for the podcast crew, or you the listener. It’s a good job the podcast is video now, too, right? Anyway, in game news, Adam (Cook) can’t stop thinking about how great Fuser is, and thinks Adam (Carroll) will love it, and so will Chris (White). Chris (White) has been playing Crayta, a creation suite that Adam (Cook) wants to know about, and whether it’s like Dreams.

Back to Adam (Cook) and he’s started playing Trackmania, and has conflicting thoughts on the game. What has Chris (Hyde) been playing? Astroneer, of course, which is on Game Pass, so you should check that out after all the banging on we’ve done on the podcast about it, really.

Download episode 403 in mp3 format, here.

We’re on Spotify now, by the way, so you can even listen there!

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