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A new DIG DUG Quarter Arcade Cabinet appears

by on August 5, 2020

Numskull Designs have released their latest arcades cabinet, the DIG DUG Quarter Arcade Cabinet! Fans of the original release, back in 1982, can now give it another go and dive into some nostalgia.

If you haven’t heard of these cabinets they are ¼ scale replicas of the full scale beasts. This means that it can easily fit on a desk, table top or shelf. It also means some home time gaming of arcade classics.

The designs are true to the originals though from the colorful artwork down to the coin slot. Although these are on the latest versions of the cabinets.

If a DIG DUG Quarter Arcade Cabinet sounds up your street you might need some of the finer details.

As mentioned they are ¼ scale and built for durability, playability and portability. The cabinets measure 16.92 inches tall, 8.27 inches deep and 6.3 inches wide. The cabinets are also priced at £129.99, €149.99, $149.99.

Finally, if you want a wee look you can check out the below cabinet trailer.