TCL to launch world’s first TV with THX Certified Game Mode

by on August 3, 2020

You might have heard of TCL, the consumer electronics brand. They have recently announced they have partnered with THX Ltd., the audio and video certification and tech folks, to release its newest 6-Series TCL Roku TV. This isn’t all, as this new TV will have a THX Certified Game Mode.

The aim of the Certified Game Mode is to bring faster response times and the optimal viewing experience. Which is why it will show off images in 4K resolution.

“TCL is proud to be the first to launch televisions with a dedicated THX Certified Game Mode setting, as we’re always working toward elevating the home entertainment experience through new technology and innovations. By teaming up with pioneers like THX, who have a history in producing premium cinema-quality audio and visuals, we can ensure that our customers enjoy more by not only getting the best possible performance when watching the latest blockbusters but also now with the THX Certified Game Mode when playing their favorite video games,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “Revolutionizing big-screen gaming with THX as a partner allows TCL to continue raising the bar with new products that take your game to the next level, and we’re excited to bring this powerful TV series to market this summer.”

In a nutshell, THX Certification is 400 tests to make sure things like colour, tone and images represent the content creator’s intentions. THX engineers worked with TCL to tune white balance, luminance, black levels and gamma. For the THX Game Mode, new tests were implemented to look at things like fast transitions and responsiveness.

As this new TV comes with the certification, those of you that pick one up can look forward to:


Some games are brighter and more saturated than some films. Game Mode will adjust to the brighter colours to make sure they are seen vibrantly.


TV’s with this new THX Certified Game Mode are required to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher. The higher the frame rate the less blurred any motion will appear.

Input Lag

The TCL TV’s will have low latency to make sure the image and controllers are in sync. This means minimal lag when reacting to what you’re seeing. Game Mode enables minimal lag and switches off any unnecessary video processing.

Rise Time

Game Mode ensures low dark-to-light rise time transitions. This means that any lighting switches in the game adjusts faster.


Any judder and smears are reduced to make sure the picture stays crisp. Black frame insertion, or backlight scanning, improves the look of moving objects.


These TV’s will automatically switch to Game Mode with compatible consoles and PCs.

“Since its founding, THX has become the quality assurance standard in delivering premium audio and visuals,and bringing this precision to TVs is a great example of how we can make content creator’s visions come to life,” said Peter Vasay, General Manager, Home Products, THX Ltd. ”We are thrilled to launch the first THX Certified Game Mode TV with TCL after working closely with them to ensure the 6-Series meets our testing Standards.”

The next generation 6-Series, complete with the new Game Mode, will be available this summer.