World famous slot gamblers

by on August 21, 2020

Ever since Charles D. Fey took steps to create his critically acclaimed Liberty Bell slot machine all the way back in the late 1800s these insatiably good little gambling games have swept the world thousands of times over, and in the 21st century online slots have become the de facto No. 1 gambling world on the planet. Seriously, you would not believe how much of the global gambling industry is taken up exclusively by online slot activity, some experts estimate more than three quarters! 

Oh yes, these days pretty much everybody is spinning the reels of their favourite online slot from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming or Eyecon, all desperate to win some of the huge 2020 slot jackpots with 500 free spins  that are on offer. And when we say everybody we mean everybody, because there are plenty of famous celebrity slot gamblers out there as well. Read on for a few of the most well known.

Pamela Anderson 

Chances are that if you were watching mainstream television in the 90s you would have at least watched a few episodes of the iconic series Baywatch, featuring actors and actresses such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pamela Anderson. Well, the blonde bombshell who played the part of the legendary C.J Parker has quite the appetite for slots as it turns out, with plenty of people spotting her in the slots parlours of places like Las Vegas. 

The funniest thing is that during the 90s and 00s there were a whole load of Baywatch themed slots being made, especially in the US. This means that Pamela Anderson has probably spun the reels of a slot machine emblazoned with her face as C.J Parker, and you just don’t get much cooler than that, do you? 

David Gest 

David Gest was widely known because of his roles in TV shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, and marriage to legendary actress and singer Liza Minelli. He tragically died several years ago from health complications, especially as he started to lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle towards the end of his life. 

In his prime, however, David Gest was a well known lover of the slot machines in Las Vegas and around the world, racking up quite the pot of winnings over the course of his gambling career. Although a healthy example of why you need to be sensible when it comes to gambling is the troubles that David Gest got himself into in later life. 

Derren Brown 

TV viewers in the UK must have seen the Channel 4 show where Derren Brown attempted to accurately predict where a roulette ball would land on the wheel, betting quite a lot of money in the process. Well, as it turns out Derren Brown is fascinated with many other gambling games, not just roulette. 

His innately inquisitive mathematical mind has also led him to develop a love of slot machines, especially seeing as the recent discovery of RNGs in the 1980s has made this world so much more appealing to budding mathematicians.

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