Digital Lock: 4 Safety Tips For Your Online Privacy

by on September 27, 2020

In life, we create some walls for our own safe spaces. We set boundaries not because we want to avoid people, but there are essential things in life better in private. Few people often misunderstood this way of thinking because they just think that you’re antisocial — shy and unfriendly toward others. However, things like these should be understood that privacy is necessary and never take it as a way to cut ties with people. 

The same thing on how we dive into the digital world, we make everything in private because believe it or not, social media involves millions of users. Some people will do anything to invade someone’s privacy for some reason. Whether it is for good or not, note that it is not a good act and can be considered as a crime as per state in law.

Now, if you spend most of your time on social media and share everything you do on a daily basis, you might need to know what you can do to secure your own privacy. Below is the list of four safety tips that you need to know to secure your privacy online. This might hook your interest.

Don’t Share Your Personal Data Online

There were apps and sites created like Privecstasy that will guide and help you protect your privacy online. However, one of the best ways to secure your privacy is to limit posting your personal data online. Note that personal data such as government ids, driver’s licenses, work contracts, and more data should be kept private and should never be seen on social media. 

This personal information might be used by other people for fraudulent purposes. In addition, data, including the exact location of your current address, hometown, workplace, and more, are your very confidential information that you need to remain secret.

Customize Who Can See Your Post

We all know that social media is a medium where you can share your opinions on certain issues or post some of your personal matters. But, sometimes, we hesitate to disclose our stuff publicly because you don’t want a particular person to judge you. There may be few or your relatives, friends, and family members.

If you used to post everything publicly on your account, remember to adjust the audience the next time you post something. By clicking on sharing options, limit your post to those trusted people you can share your stuff with. This will make you feel more comfortable about anything you want to post online.

Limit People Who Can Follow You

Remember that the “following” feature allows anyone with a Facebook account to look at your account, not just in facebook but also in other social media outlets, so your public updates will turn up in their news feed. However, it would be best if you segregated people who can witness your lives in the digital world because few of them might take some screenshots on anything that you update online and use it as an attack to you.

Make your account exclusive to selected individuals who know you personally and vice versa. Sometimes, we disclose our daily frustrations on social media, and it’s not nice to see people being too sensitive to your post. Avoid things like these because it will only lead to a bigger problem.

Be Cautious Of What You Receive Online

People are going to invade someone’s privacy and dig up some information that they can benefit from. Like scammers, they are anywhere in the world that even online they try to take advantage of people. They will use your information and use it for their own selfish needs.

So, be careful about receiving messages or links from people that you don’t know. Even online offers for a business that will ask about your financial data. Be conscious about it, and it’s a life skill for survival, so don’t allow anyone to take advantage of what you have for their bad deeds.


Things like, putting a passcode into our phone to keep messages in private, have our own bedroom where we can do the things that our family shouldn’t know about, or just by finding a safe spot in your room to conceal your diary because you wouldn’t let anyone read it. We do stuff like this, not to avoid and limit people, but to allow ourselves to have some privacy.

It’s the same thing that we should do online, to set some limitations for our own good. We should limit people to dig some things that we only keep for ourselves. Note that the world is messy, the same thing we have in the digital world. So, don’t let anyone use your personal data, information, or opinion to attack you.  Because remember that “ A private life is a happy life” so guard your own privacy.