Retailers in Cebu will hold online sales of famous brands to attract customers

by on September 29, 2020

The Retailers’ group will hold a one-and-a-half month’s long programme called “The Great Cebu Sale   2020.” The programme is meant to encourage trade and restore consumer confidence. The programme was inspired by the great Singapore sale and it promises to highlight outstanding deals,  packages, and promos of famous brands throughout the sale period  from September 15 to October 31.

 The event is borne out of the need to revive sales which had been crippled as a result of the period of quarantine and lockdowns and the resurgence of COVID 19 in June.

According to the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA)-Cebu Chapter, the virtual sale of Cebu’s top brands in the following industries: health, hotel, auto, fashion, tourism, food and electronics. There is a need to start the build-up of business and consumer confidence through an effort towards consumption-movement

Chester Lim, the Philippine Retailers Association chapter, noted that there will be business build-up and consumer confidence through the event. The event will equally create a favourable atmosphere for businesses to go virtual during the pandemic. The event which will be the first virtual shopping event will also be conducted cooperatively by Cebu retailers, businessmen, chambers and organizations. It is a great occasion for Cebu businessmen to promote their products and services through online sales.

According to Lim, the period when Cebu is gradually reopening the economy after a long period of lockdown and quarantine is the best to enjoy discounts. From rooms to home gadgets to work-from-home gadgets or trips to vacation resorts, the gradual easing period comes with discounts that can be taken advantage of.

Lim also reassured all that Cebuanos will get value for their money and would enjoy fair and legitimate business dealings. To ensure this, measures were being put in place. All businesses would have to submit applications to DTI.

Some organizations have partnered with the organisers to make it easier for all. Nine hotels participating in the virtual trading event namely – Seda Ayala Center and Seda Central Bloc, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, Bai Hotel, Movenpick Hotel, Citadines Cebu City, Cebu Grand Hotel, and Mezzo Hotel – will offer Cebuanos 50 percent discounts on their products and services.

Wellness facilities like Maayo, LH Prime Medical Clinic will also be available to offer their services for recreation and health of citizens. In restaurants and cafes, such as Cafe Laguna, Lantaw, House of Lechon, Top of Cebu, 10 Dove Street, Cebuanos can have a great time and taste delicious dishes. 

 There are also Tourism and amusement brands such as Island Souvenirs and Anjo World Theme Park; hardware establishments like Belmont Hardware Depot and Cebu Bionic Builders; automotive companies such as JMC Vehicles and Deco Sales; while fashion outlets such as Loalde and ATE Clothier will present their products and services.

Gaisano Main, Fresco, D+B Wines, Prosel Pharma, Aerophone, Remplex Productions, Twinbee, and Third Team Media are other businesses that signed up for the activity.

At this event, you will also learn how Cebu enterprises work with modern digital technologies and use an online platform to sell their products and services. The event organizers thus tapped Foodpanda, Maxim, Mober, Lalamove, and Grab Delivery as partners for the event.

The following companies help PRA n holding the event: The Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Cebu Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Hardware Consolidated, Cebu Alliance of Tour Operation Specialists, Cebu Business Club, and the Mactan Export Processing Zone Chamber of Exporters and Manufacturers.


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