Tips To Make Your Press Release SEO-Friendly

by on September 4, 2020

In the digital landscape SEO is a game-changer. If you are not incorporating this in your marketing strategies then you are not utilizing the full potential of digital marketing. 

To take your business to the next level through the power of SEO, you can incorporate it in your press release as well. Many businesses hire a press release distribution service for this. However, you can make your press release SEO-friendly yourself as well.

Here are the most important ways you can improve your press release. 


This is the most important component of any SEO strategy. Keywords are what help your content to rank high on Google among other things. This is why you must do a relevant keyword search. 

Find ones that are being used the most for your industry and then incorporate them naturally in your press release. The keyword should be in the title, the beginning of the press release, in the content, and the end. 

Don’t go overboard. Incorporate it only a few times and do it naturally for it to rank high. 

Create An Interesting Headline 

According to recent data, only 20% of users on the internet read the content of a post. The rest 80% only read the headline. After all, first impressions are everything. 

Create a headline that is worthy of a click so that users can read your press release. Here are a few tips to create an interesting headline that is SEO-friendly:

  • Add your focus keyword for SEO
  • Provide valuable information
  • Make it informative
  • Phrase it in a way that makes users think that you are offering them a solution
  • Target your audience by depicting emotions

Make Your Content Engaging 

No one does engagement better than the best press release distribution service. However, you can make your content engaging too. Everyone on the internet has a short attention span and they won’t read your content unless you have something interesting to offer. 

The best way to engage your audience is to tell a story and offer some research to prove the points you are making. Nothing captures the attention of people like a good story. Disperse the keywords in the content for SEO. 

Apart from that, provide a summary of your press release in the end and give background information about your company. This way people will remember your brand. 

Add Visual Content 

Nothing makes a post memorable than good visual content. Add some videos or pictures such as infographics to provide valuable information to your target audience. 

However, to make this content SEO-friendly, you can incorporate keywords in the captions and the name of the files so that Google can use that text to help you rank high. 

Final Words 

Your press release is all about targeting your audience. However, this can only be possible through SEO. Use these tips to benefit from the power of SEO or hire the best press release distribution service. They will completely optimize your press release and send it to outlets that target your audience!

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