4 Tips to Find Legit Online Casinos

by on October 31, 2020

There are lots of online casino sites and finding the right one can be difficult. With scare stories of fraud and scams, finding legitimate businesses is paramount and increasingly easier. Here are 4 tips to help you.

Casino Licenses

Online casinos need to have licenses to operate legally. These licenses ensure the games are fair, enable accountability if any criminal activity occurs, and shows that those running the business have suitable qualifications and experience. To check to see if an online casino has a one, scroll to the footer of their website, where it should be displayed. Also, the UK gambling commission has a public register, where you input the casino’s name and their information is retrieved.


There are plenty of major online casino brands which have adverts play on TV. Obvious conclusions can be drawn from this. Notably, though, number one is that they are popular and, therefore, trusted. These adverts tend to promote offers and deals, which can be enticing. However, if you want to compare online casinos…

Online Casino Reviews

Comparisons for online casinos, like those for car insurance, exist. They are helpful for the major casinos, noting bonus deals and community ratings.  However, some sites have top-5 or top-10, so the selection can be limited. Also, the layout can make the information hard to read and interpret as they don’t have filter options or reordering. If this doesn’t work, then there are detailed breakdowns…

Reviews are a great way to get insight as to what users and writers think of casinos. Taking the Ignition Casino review on Casino Today as an example, there is a simple and effective banner exhibiting pros, cons, payment methods, and information like “Players can not only score big wins but will enjoy playing in the process,” which serve as little summaries. Continuing to scroll down, there are more detailed comments on the casino’s website’s layout, free spins, and what games are on offer. Reviews like this are accessible and to the point, allowing users to make judgements. These user judgements can also be found elsewhere…

Community-based forums and subreddits offer a chance to have conversations about online casinos. There could be a variety of opinions and experience, allowing for nuanced details which reviewers who might have not spent as much time using the site haven’t found or considered. These conversations, though, can maybe take some time to develop if users, or the most helpful users, aren’t online or haven’t commented, or the opinions are overwhelmingly diverse. What can single out online casinos are…


Online casinos are nominated for awards annually. These can be independent publications whose communities vote or internationally recognised awards like the International Gaming Awards. They compete in all kinds of categories including, and for example, Online Casino Operator of the Year. Awards can highlight well-working, trustworthy, and, ultimately, industry leading companies, which newcomers or those wishing to try a new casino might want to have a look at.