Tips for writing a 1000-word essay

by on October 19, 2020

Schools, universities, colleges, or any educational institution that you may be associated with will give you tons of homework. Every student needs to cater to the compulsory program. Unfortunately, that includes writing a lot of different essays. However, as you may know, every essay is special and serves a different purpose. It is the purpose of the essay that defines the process of writing and creating the essay. However, sadly, the task might become excessively complicated when you are writing a 1000-word essay. 

So, what is a 1000-word essay?

Well, there is nothing new in a 1000-word essay. It is much like every other essay, but of course, it is longer in length. A 1000-word essay might be similar to any of the essays that you may have previously written. The entire thing depends on the instructions mentioned in the paper.

Based on the instructions, the essay can be: 

  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative
  • Narrative
  • Process analysis
  • Compare and contrast
  • Expository

Regardless of how easy or different a 1000-word essay may be, it is often the word count that terrifies most people, says Nia, an online precalculus tutor. It is undeniable that it is a durable essay. It will take you a substantial amount of time to research and then write about a 1000-word essay.

However, we do not intend to scare. If you feel there is a problem and cannot do the writing part by yourself, you can reach out to popular assignment help providers, such as TFTH or EduWorldUSA. However, if you know how to approach a problem, you have nothing to worry about, but it is primarily the mental factor you have to overcome.

Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t delay this task. So, if you already have a whole day, it is best to start right away. You will always produce a good piece of the essay if you are not struggling with a time crunch. 

1000-word long essay – How to write?

The best way to approach a 1000-word essay is not to take it as something complex and long, says Maria, who offers online finance homework help services. Simply divide the paper into different blocks. So, that means you now have different bite-sized tasks to do. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with long-form essays. Once you have divided the essay into smaller blocks, you can approach the blocks individually and overcome them. It is an effective method of essay writing and helps you save a lot of time. 

When dividing the essay into blocks, you have to draft an outline of the project’s main phases. It can be: 

  • Preliminary or the Initial phase
  • Outlining phase
  • Drafting phase
  • Writing the central sections of the essay
  • Proofreading

It is a complete list of steps that are standard to almost every type of essay, regardless of the word count. However, the primary distinction between the essay falls in the purpose of the essay. Your essay can be narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, or any other form; whatever it is, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just follow the standard sequence, and you can write any type of essay, as required.  

Structure of a 1000-word essay

As such, there is no unique structure of a 1000-word essay. It can be any form of essay. So, before you start, check with your professor about any specific instructions related to the essay. Davis, an associate who offers the online assignment help, says that regardless of the type, length, or form of essay, every essay must have: 

  • An introduction, which has a compelling thesis statement in the last few lines. 
  • A body comprising three paragraphs. 
  • An intriguing conclusion

Selecting the topic and doing the research

As discussed, an academic essay writing task initiates with a preliminary step. Anaida, who offers best online python course service, says that to write an essay, one need to:

  • Understand the topic
  • Know the critical requirements of the essay 
  • Understand the purpose of the essay
  • Finally, focus on the right selection of topic

Amongst the steps, the fourth and final step is very crucial. If you do not pick the right theme to discuss, you will not succeed with your writing. Thus, you must take the process of selecting the topic very seriously. To pick a good topic for the assignment, you need to need to be aware of a few vital properties that every theme of essay possesses.  

In general, a good topic is one that is: 

  • Relevant to the present time
  • Important
  • Problem-solving
  • Unsolved
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Helpful for the readers
  • Logical

Further, you must formulate the title or the topic very clearly. Never use neologisms, abbreviations, or the terms that are rarely used in the essay. Whenever a reader reads the title, he must instantly understand what the essay is about. At all times, your chosen title should be constructed logically and should be precise and short. A title cannot have more than two sentences. 

Bottom line

In general, a 1000-word may look scary because of its length, but if you divide it into sections and approach it as any other essay, writing it will not be difficult. Using the tips listed above, the entire task will be further streamlined.