World of Warcraft – Scariest Locations in Azeroth

by on October 14, 2020

As World of Warcraft continues to expand its world, you will notice throughout that there is a creepy area or two for you to traverse. Ahead of the upcoming expansion entitled Shadowlands, we take a look at the scariest locations in Azeroth, that no amount of WoW classic gold will save you from. 

WoW Karazhan

Inhabiting Karazhan is an abandoned tower, with a disturbing surrounding area to it. To make your way here, you will have to go through Deadwind Pass, to a location that may be familiar to those who have played past expansions such as Legion and The Burning Crusade. It provided a location to a memorable raid also, so it would be interesting to see if we ever have to venture here again. 

Darkmoon Faire

Everyone likes a good fair, right? Well, what better game-based alternative than the Darkmoon Faire, which arrives in the game each month. You can take some time off from hunting WoW items to enjoy the joys that the Faire has to offer. 

For the period of a week, players can take part in challenges, go on rides, play games, and more. So, it might sound like a fun place to be, but it is also surrounded by some very strange looking woods. Steeped in mystery, we are yet to find out what these woods entail. 


Speaking of woods, Duskwoood plays host to a bunch of scary inhabitants who are hellbent on giving the nearby villages a hard time. So, if you are looking for a horror-esque setting steeped in lore, then this is a great place to pick up some interesting quests, providing you are playing as Alliance characters. 

Ruins of Lordaeron

Like a lot of places in World of Warcraft, Ruins of Lordaeron has the ability to frighten and engage at the same time. Despite its eerie, unsettling vibe, these ruins have a great lore background as the remains of a capital city haunted by the deeds who once dwelled. This area was further impacted in the Battle for Azeroth courtesy of Sylvanas. 


On the subject of Lordaeron, Strathome was located in the Kingdom of Lordaeron, where the Order of the Silver Hand was formed. This would be where Arthas Menthil’s story would take shape, on the quest to becoming Lich King. If you’d like to delve more into the dark events that happened here, then check out the Culling of Stratholme instance. 


The area of Icecrown is somewhere that has gotten creepier as time has gone by. This frozen waste is set to play a part in the forthcoming Shadowlands expansion, though it once served to unsettle players back in Wrath of the Lich King. Players would descend upon the frozen fortress to take the fight to Arthas Menethil, though the area now plays host to Lich King Bolvar Fordragon. 

Western Plaguelands 

The Western Plaguelands wasn’t always this way. In fact, it used to be a pretty location until it was plagued, though it did become one of the more interesting areas of the game after it did so. Here you will find destroyed buildings and suffering monsters, as well as an area great for questing. If you have anything to do with the Scarlet Crusade, then you will probably already have an idea about the Plaguelands’ narrative. You will find the Scholomance dungeon here, and plenty of dark lore to get entangled in. 

Scarlet Monastery 

Given that it is often used for the game’s Halloween event, the Scarlet Monastery easily deserves a place on the list. Equipped with revamped dungeons and playing host to the Scarlet Crusade, you will certainly want to visit here if you are looking to get your scare on when playing World of Warcraft. 


Fans of witchcraft will find themselves right at home in Drustvar. The Kul Tiras zone is where you will find most of the story related to House Waycrest is. If you are looking for a leveling area with a dark atmosphere, then this is the place to be. Just prepare yourself for one of the darker stories that the game has to offer to be found here.


Many players will tell you that Naxxramas is up there with the most haunting areas in the entirety of Azeroth. So much so, that in certain areas of the instance you will hear distant screams to try and put you off attempting the raid here. You could even argue that this would be a more suitable area for the Halloween event to be hosted over the Scarlet Monastery, taking nothing away from the area that already hosts it. If you can overlook the screams, then the raid here has a gripping narrative to enjoy. 

Those are the scariest locations that you will find in Azeroth. There may be ways for you to make WoW gold here, but be aware of the horrors that may lie ahead. 

Have you been to any of these creepy locations in World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments section below!