Top 4 New games Announced/Launched for Sony PlayStation 5

by on November 18, 2020

Even if you are reading this article and you are a complete newbie to console games (highly unlikely) you must’ve seen some of the PS5 memes circling the internet. Yes, the new Sony gaming console is out and everyone wants a piece of it. What’s even betters there are tons of new Sony PlayStation games designed especially for this next-gen console. 

The options are endless and the players will undoubtedly love them all. There will be plenty of action games, shooters, simulations, RTS, RTT and who knows what more! If you are interested in what you can find in the PlayStation 5 library, you can check out the list of 5 new video games for this console. Without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

Final Fantasy 16

One of the long-awaited games, Final Fantasy 16 has finally been announced at the PS5 premiere event. Even if it was supposed to be launched for this console exclusively, it will be available for PC as well. If you love the medieval atmosphere, then you will love the new edition of the franchise, that will definitely remind all the loyal fans to some older versions of Final Fantasy. 

Although it is still in the early development stages, the concept presented is what all the video game geeks have been waiting for. Regardless of the fact that its launch date is unknown and probably far away, this was just the kind of hype that the Final Fantasy fans needed. 

Poker Club

Launching November 19th 2020, Poker Club is yet another PlayStation 5 video game all the casino enthusiasts will love. There is no doubt that casino games are immensely entertaining. So, if you feel like warming up your fingers and a new PS5 joystick with a little bit of poker fun, this might be a good choice. Some of the features this simulation offers are playing poker, joining a club and participating in online tournaments. 

Those of you who would like to practice playing poker a little bit before hitting the real casino will get a chance to do it via this game. Before you decide to spend some real cash, you can check out this game and then check on Casinosters for the best online games. Plus, student players who love gambling, but are a bit on a limited budget and schedule while attending college can always play Poker Club in the comfort of their dorm. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Want to try something that is already out? Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out now and you can play it on PS5 at 4K resolution. The scenery is Viking age themed, and the players get to the character called Eivor. This Viking rider will lead the Norwegian clan from their homeland to Dark Ages England shores. See how it untangles, and what kind of events you will be able to go through on this next-gen console by playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The game itself is stuffed with RPG features and elements, which will make the gameplay more engaging. Now, the players will be able to personalize their own character, build, and manage temporary homes, form alliances and much more. Those who already played the Assassin’s Creed on PS4 will be able to win the Valhalla free of charge. 


Another PS5 video game that is already available, Bugsnax, will sweep you off your feet with its colourful graphics. If it looks familiar that is because it was developed by the same developer crew that created Octodad: Dadliest Catch. This video game is all about snacks and eating food favourites and it will make you hungry from its cartoonish graphics. The players will play as critters and bipedal animals that crave snacks or better said half bugs half snacks. Once you eat them, you will start looking like them. 

This adventure was released on November 12, 2020, and it already made some success. And if you haven’t heard about the game you might have heard its theme song “It’s Bugsnax!” by band Kero Kero Bonito, which has become an internet sensation. Anyways, if you love first-person adventure games with a touch of weird, cute characters and cool graphics you will love this one.

Final Verdict

In the sea of different PlayStation 5 games launched and announced we selected but a few for this short review. PS5 players will find a great number of runners, casinos games, platforms, FPS and RPGs for this new console. 

After all, once you decide on getting this current console gamers’ dream you won’t have much trouble finding what you want to play. Final Fantasy 16, Poker Club, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Bugsnax were chosen for this list of top 4 new games for Sony PlayStation 5.


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