A Look At Gaming Desks For Avid Gamers

by on December 12, 2020

A gaming desk is arguably the most important piece of your set-up. It might not initially seem as necessary as your system, or monitor, or even your controller. So why do I consider the desk as the most integral piece of your gaming set-up? Because it ties everything together. Without the desk you don’t have a set-up, you just have a system. 

A proper desk should have space for all your gaming needs. A place to keep your console or PC off the floor, room for various games, gadgets and your favourite memorabilia, perhaps even a lucky bobblehead figure. The desk is meant to keep everything safe and tidy, instead of letting your kit spread its way around your room. 

Are you interested in levelling up your set-up? Let’s have a look at some great gaming desks for avid gamers.

Virtuoso Horizon Gaming Desk

When considering the ideal gaming desk, something like the Virtuoso Horizon might spring to mind. It’s available in two stylish colour schemes, offers great storage space, and good legroom without anything getting in the way. 

It doesn’t contain a dedicated stand for your headset, but there’s plenty of space to put one you may already own. A nice feature is the inclusion of a phone and tablet stand. This is great if you need to use your phone to keep an eye on a Discord chat or walkthrough. Since it allows you to simultaneously use your phone and continue playing, you no longer need to worry about constantly pausing something. 

Overall, the Virtuoso Horizon is definitely a gaming desk that I would recommend. 

Ebern Designs Tezaur Computer Desk

The Tezaur by Ebern Designs is a powerhouse of a desk. Big and blocky, it feels extremely solid and is easily capable of supporting two monitors side-by-side. You’ve also got plenty of space in the tower cut-out to fit your PC and still allow for sufficient airflow, a definite plus for keeping your components cool. 

There are two versions available of the Tezaur. One with LED lights, and one without. Considering the price difference between the two, I’d suggest purchasing your own LED strip lights and applying them yourself. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable with that then you can always opt for the LED version. 

UpDown Desk Pro Series

The UpDown Desk is an interesting suggestion, because it doesn’t’t offer the bells and whistles that traditional gaming desks do. What it does do, however, is switch between sitting and standing positions. This may not seem like a bonus, but when you take into account that gamers spend almost their entire play session without getting up, it can be helpful to know about the health risks involved. 

Standing has been proven to lower blood sugar levels, reduce fatigue, and reduce back and neck pain. Personally, my back always aches after a long gaming session – so it’s nice that there is a solution that can keep me playing for longer. 

Plus there’s a side benefit you may not have realised. We’ve all been told not to “sit around” playing all day, but nobody said anything about standing… 

FITUEYES Computer Desk

If you’re after a compact gaming desk that will easily fit into smaller spaces, then the FITUEYES desk is a brilliant option. This tiny desk is far more budget-friendly than the other desks on this list, although that is likely due to its diminutive size. 

Don’t fret that your set-up won’t fit, as there is still more than enough room to support your gaming peripherals. With 3 tiers of the desk, you can easily store the essentials on separate levels. There may not be room to store your headset and games, though you should still be able to adorn the desk to your desire. 

If you are short on space, then I thoroughly recommend this desk. At only 70cm wide it should definitely fit into an alcove, making for a cosy gaming space.

Lynx LED Gaming Computer Desk

This is an incredibly flashy gaming desk. Boasting multicolour LED lighting along the legs and surface edge, the Lynx Gaming Desk by X-Rocker looks gorgeous and has a great material quality. You can even spot a headset hook on the side of the desk, providing easy storage and access whenever you fancy a game. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any space to fit your PC on the desk itself – but there is a handy cable management system to prevent it from looking untidy. Being 120cm in width, the Lynx Gaming Desk is more than capable of holding several monitors at the same time, enabling you to immerse yourself in whichever game you decide to play. 

Despite the flashiness presented by the Lynx, it is the most basic offering of a gaming desk. For this reason alone, I can put it any higher on my list. It’s still a cool piece of kit, and is sure to draw attention. If you want more for your money, however, I’d go elsewhere. 

And that’s our list. Any of these desks are sure to tie your gaming set-up together, so what are you waiting for?

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