Spice up the Game with these Bingo Ideas

by on December 18, 2020

People have been playing Bingo going as far back as the year 1530. With the ability to now play online Bingo, there are some several wonderful variations out there that you can enjoy, adding even more excitement to your gameplay. 

Whilst online gaming is popular, there are also other things you can do if you want to add a bit more spice to your game. Read on to find out our top tips for Bingo games. 

Play Different Styles of Bingo

One of the first, and most obvious changes you can make to your routine of Bingo gaming is to change the style of the game that you play. By adding minor tweaks to the rules that you follow, you can make more rewards available, which will boost excitement levels for sure. You can either make these changes yourself, or search online for the best offering of alternative rules and gameplay.

Swap Markers with Food

This tasty Bingo idea will give players the chance to play with their food. Not only are the Bingo markers edible, it adds to the excitement of the game and fuels the fun. Popcorn, grapes and chocolates all make great markers.

Change the Cards

A simple change you can make to your gameplay, is to change the five-letter word you are playing with on the Bingo card. These changes can be contemporary and topical to add to the relevance and fun of the game. An example of one is, during the season of Autumn, try using the word ‘ACORN’ instead of ‘BINGO’. 

Surprise Swapping

Add to the suspense of your Bingo game by playing a version that includes swapping cards with other players at random. This will surely keep everyone on their toes, and players will love winning with another player’s numbers. You could even try swapping more than once in one round.

Add a Theme

Playing is made so much easier if you have a theme that you are following. One example of a theme you could do is Christmas. Instead of playing on cards that spell ‘BINGO’, players can call out ‘Merry’. You could also hand out hats and other costume accessories to get everyone into the festive spirit.

Human Bingo

This popular version of Bingo involves creating your own bingo cards, filling each square with a different statement or characteristics. Here are some examples of what could be written into the boxes – “favourite colour: green” or “has never flown a kite”, “find someone who: has short hair” or “Someone who owns a pet”. The object of the game is to wander around the room and fill out the card accordingly. This is great to mingle, whilst still having the excitement of prizes and winning.

Double the Prizes

One way to make your game of Bingo more competitive, is to double the grand prize. If you usually give out one chocolate as the prize, you’d now give out two! If the prize is a cash sum, take the figure and double it! This is sure to keep players engaged and happy to play, because the prize pot looks that slight bit more tempting.