Choosing The Best Gaming Peripherals

by on February 6, 2021

You’ve spent countless hours choosing and a lot of your hard-earned savings building and perfecting your ultimate gaming pc or laptop. Or you may have chosen a pre-built machine that was the right fit for you. However you came by your new rig, you want to make sure that it suits your every need and works just how you want it to. That’s where peripherals come in!

Choosing the right keyboard or mouse or headset, or any accessory can be the difference between a sub-par and an excellent gaming experience.

What Are Gaming Peripherals?

Gaming peripherals are customizable attachments you can add to your gaming rig that will enhance your experience. With thousands of items to choose from, from Keyboards to mousemats, the way you configure your set up can help your gaming experience go from zero to a hundred in seconds! 

With the seemingly unlimited amount of accessories to choose from, gaming peripherals are made to fit any budget, making them a huge and popular market in the PC gaming industry.

Below are two of the most popular gaming peripherals being bought by gamers worldwide.

Peripherals: Mechanical Keyboards

You have your gaming PC setup, but to make it come together you need the one thing to help use it, a keyboard. Sometimes overlooked, a keyboard is the item you would usually interact with the most whilst using your PC, so it’s up to you to make it worthwhile. 

From a basic model to a more advanced one, there are keyboards to fit every budget. You can choose from a large list of specifications when choosing your perfect gaming keyboard to fit your needs. 

  • Weight & Size
  • Speed of Keys
  • Key sensitivity
  • Colour
  • Lighting & LEDs
  • Attachments & more

The superior choice will be a mechanical keyboard. These feature physical switches underneath the keys to determine a key press. Ironically, mechanical keyboards were how the original PC keyboards were made, showing design can sometimes outweigh practical use. But, overtime, gamers have taken a preference to this style for better performance and gameplay.

Once you have chosen your ideal keyboard the fun doesn’t stop there. Many gaming keyboards have the ability to be customized to your exact specifications. Customising keycaps is a design change many make to their mechanical keyboards. Keycaps can be removed and replaced with custom ones, boasting specific designs and textures to match anyone’s style.

Peripherals: Gaming Mice

Much like a gaming keyboard a gaming mouse is a welcome addition to your setup, and like a keyboard, you will be interacting with this piece of equipment almost all of the time. So choosing the right mouse for your gaming needs is very important.

Again, there are mice to fit anyone’s gaming ability and many specifications to choose from:

  • Weight & Size
  • Sensor Sensitivity
  • Button sensitivity
  • Cord Length
  • Lighting & LEDs 
  • Attachments & more

Some popular features to consider when choosing any gaming mouse are the way in which it fits ergonomically in your hand. This coupled with how smooth it glides across a surface and reacts to your needs are factors to think about when picking the right mouse for you.

When it comes to sensor technology you have two choices – optical or laser. Both types are actually optical-based and use a CMOS sensor to take pictures of the surface below thousands of times a second to measure movement. 

Optical mice use a small LED light to illuminate what’s underneath them, while laser mice use an infrared laser diode. While both are great for gaming, laser mice are the most accurate thanks to their ability to track your movements faster.

What Will You Be Choosing?

When purchasing a gaming PC it is important to think about the peripherals you’d like to include in your setup. The possibilities are seemingly endless with customisable options at every turn. 

As time goes on and annual updates in tech occur, peripherals will continue to get better and better boasting more features helping your gaming setup become exactly what you want it to be.