How much to create a new slot game for casino

by on February 18, 2021

Million Dollar worth industry, Gambling is a hallway to quick money, given that your luck is at the peak. If not wanting to be a gambler, opening up a casino game is the best alternative. But with that idea comes hefty requirements of planning and consistent questioning, ‘what’s the next step?’. Take the 5 Dragon slot game as example. You can test it in the Gclub’s slot games section. It has kept characteristics and exclusive symbols and features very clear, which in turn helps attract fresh players. 

But how expensive is it to open a new slot game for casinos? Financing makes up for the first step. And by the budget, it should be around 2 million USD. Nevertheless, this investment will be covered in about two years, provided you have adequate customers. Since the investment money is massive, you surely do not want to damage a newly opened business. In short, know every bit what slots are in the slightest detail possible. 

Securing funds and more things to know when creating a new slot game

Funds are what you’ll need, majorly in every corner of gambling. To secure funds, reach out to gambling entrepreneur organizations that are ready to fund gambling firms. For a good investing partner and better funds, plan out an attractive business protocol that makes sense and is most likely to win. Better the planning, better is everything else. Always try to work with a jurisdiction that will help you out of problems. For example, Thai Sbobet managed to deal with all the region’s restrictions by simply having a good payment processing company.

After funds come the staffing part, if you can run your slot game alone, that is also good. But promptly, you’ll experience the need for staff. You definitely cannot run your online slot alone all day long.  A mandatory panel in online casinos is the payment method, so connect your slot game with it. The most common ones are Skrill, Mastercard, Paypal, and Neteller. Having a payment processor would add another cost for you, somewhere around $20,000 and $50,000 in a month. 

If you are looking forward to an online casino, proper software has to be there. With software, you will also need hosting. Choosing a hosting provider is a little challenging whatsoever. But don’t worry! There’s plenty of options laid, and you’ll find the correct one in no time. Just make sure you read proper web hosting reviews to make good choices. You can find the detailed information about web hosting providers on Hostozilla.

Why is selecting a reliable web hosting provider so important? 

First, if you don’t want to lose revenue, find a reliable web hosting provider with a lesser possibility of downtime. A slow hosting, simultaneously, will impact the revenue. Your customers are certain to go away and find better alternatives, probably something that even you’ll do if you were in their place. 

Bad security that a not so decent hosting provider provides should also be your concern. An inappropriate hosting provider will land you up in a low data loss. And a data loss for slot games doesn’t sound so soothing. 

Also, to ensure that there is nothing of such mishandles, back-up is a good option. But what if the bad hosting provider doesn’t have any backup option?

What to remember while selecting a hosting provider other than reliability? 

Since this article mainly talks about capital, let’s start with the price of hosting providers. Well, what you are going to pay is generally bounced back to what you receive. A cheap provider is at a high risk of not leaving you satisfied.  The second thing to check out is whether the area of focus matches yours or not. Few hosting providers are finite and specific with what kind of niche they give out.

The third thing you should proceed with is the interface. Choose the one that you think you are comfortable with. There are various kinds of interfaces these days, and though many, most of them are user friendly. 


With a lot of Math in online casinos, you need a big calculator with yourself. Well, since you are already up with creating your slot, getting a mobile app calculator shouldn’t be so hard. 

Creating a new slot game sounds fun and a quick way of reaching the skies of wealth. However, the truth is that a minimum of two years is the duration your business will need to reach a nice position eventually. Have patience all along and know that being a millionaire is not an overnight thing. 

About the author: John Fosdyle is the founder of Web Casino Star. He is a 37-year-old programmer who enjoys golf, cookery, and drone photography. He is tech-savvy and smart, but can also be very nerdish from time to time. He has a degree in computing and obsessed with creating new tech projects and eating pizza.