The Amazing Games of Red Tiger

by on February 18, 2021

In the modern age of technology, games serve as an escape from reality. By keeping players entertained, people realized that they no longer need to step out of their homes just to have fun. Online casinos proved to be one of the best sources of entertainment.

With online casinos, players are presented with a myriad of games that come from different game providers. Amazingly, each of them has their own style of developing a game that their players can enjoy. Whether it be slots or live table games, game providers have found a way to create their own that exude a unique style. 

Among these popular game providers in the online casino industry is Red Tiger. Having partnered with several major gaming sites, it is common for regular players to be familiar with the brand. Here is some information about the company and the amazing games that they offer! 

Red Tiger: Company profile 

Red Tiger was founded in 2014. With their wide reach in the casino industry, specifically in Europe and in Asia, their team has experts who can help them develop the best slot games.

This gaming provider giant is known to employ people from different practices – from artists, mathematicians, and software developers to gambling experts. By working with these professionals, Red Tiger has managed to be one of the most successful companies in the industry. So, if you want to play the latest Red Tiger games, then here is a closer look at some of the popular themes that their games classify into. 

Their games 

Red Tiger has managed to create several slot games that fall under different categories. By exploring the use of various themes, this game provider was able to keep their players entertained in different ways possible. 

With their theme variety, Red Tiger players can expand their gameplay. So, if you want to explore their offers, then you may simply look at their roster filled with hundreds of slot games. Here are some of the most common themes from Red Tiger. 


Exploring the realms of both Norse and Greek mythology, Red Tiger encapsulated the stories of the Gods as they turned it into the most favourable slot games to date. With the blessing of the gods’ powers and spells, these slot games were brought to life so that they can bless those who play them. 

Here are some of their mythology-themed slots. 

  • Zeus Lightning Power Reels 
  • War of Gods
  • Thor’s Vengeance


Another theme that Red Tiger explores is adventure. Adventure-themed slot games take its players to places that they have never been to before through different quests. With close encounters on extreme riches and thrilling circumstances, players will be taken into the unknown possibility of whether or not they will be lucky in the spins they make. 

Here are some of their adventure-themed slots. 

  • The Greatest Train Robbery
  • Jackpot Quest 
  • Gonzo’s Quest 


Red Tiger also allows its players to experience the luck that Irish symbols have in store for whoever finds it. With tons of pots of gold, four-leaf clovers, and leprechaun hats, players can definitely be lucky if they get these symbols in their winning combinations. 

Here are some of their Irish-themed slots. 

  • The Wild Hatter
  • Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines 
  • Golden Leprechaun Megaways 

Aside from the aforementioned, Red Tiger also offers more themes and games for their players. Upon scrolling through their wide selection of slots, players will definitely not run out of games to play. Red Tiger continuously produces new games so that their players can always have something to look forward to and play the latest Red Tiger games. It is quite undeniable that Red Tiger is one of the amazing game providers right now.