PS5 or Xbox Series X? Still Undecided? Here’s What You Need to Know

by on March 11, 2021

With the latest generation of consoles hitting the world at a slow rate, there is still plenty of time to decide which one to go for. Which one should you pick? There are a number of great reasons to choose both of them, but we’re going to go through which one is best for those on a singular budget. Keep reading to learn which one comes out on top.

Operating Systems

In terms of operating systems, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are excellent. It’s actually all down to personal preference as to which is best. Depending on which you are used to, you’re likely to prefer one or the other. Both have fantastic web browsers in place, which allows access to a world of websites for the gamer at heart — everything from browser-based game sites to online casinos. These can be accessed on both systems, opening up a huge selection of new games for players to enjoy. 

Overall, this is an area where both systems are generally level in a head-to-head. 

Raw Power

While some have called the Xbox Series X a disappointment, in terms of raw power, it actually outperforms the PS5. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that games will run more smoothly on the Xbox. Without getting into all of the technological complications, the way that the hardware is set up can impact the quality of games. 

A good example of this would be if we cast our minds back to the original PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. While the Saturn was more powerful than the PlayStation, it was actually harder to develop for. This meant that games were not as smooth on the Saturn compared to the PlayStation, despite the increased power. 

The PS5 and Xbox Series X haven’t shown this kind of issue. There are a number of speed tests out there that show the Series X is slightly ahead in terms of performance. No need to despair if you already own a PS5 though, the actual gameplay isn’t impacted — it’s the load times that are the biggest difference. If load times are your biggest bugbear, then the Xbox Series X is the system to choose. But in terms of how the games run, the PS5 certainly won’t let anyone down. 

The power on display here is impressive for both devices, but the Xbox Series X is slightly ahead in terms of raw power. 

When it comes to hardware, players won’t notice too much difference between the two devices. However, the controllers represent one area that does show significant differences. The PS5 controller is arguably a much more innovative device. It uses haptic feedback to provide a more realistic feel to games — for example, gun recoil when playing a shooting game. 

The Xbox controller doesn’t quite offer such an immersive experience. However, it does have the advantage of allowing previous versions of the Xbox controller to work on the system. This backwards compatibility is an area where the Xbox is streets ahead, as you’ll see further on. 


This is where things start to change. Just like the operating system, this is an area where personal preference will come into play. Exclusives have been in place since the very first generation of consoles and were in play on the previous generation too. It’s nothing new. Both systems will inevitably have exclusives on offer that the other won’t. 

Examples of this, of course, are the Spider-Man and Halo series. Naturally, you won’t be able to play titles from either series on the other system. Obviously, if you can afford both systems, then this isn’t an issue for you. But if you can only choose one, then you’ll have to choose wisely. 

The Xbox will inevitably have the Halo series, Fable and the Forza games as guaranteed exclusives. There’s also the possibility of Bethesda games being Xbox exclusives, such as Elder Scrolls, due to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the company.

The PS5 has its own impressive list of exclusives too. Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, God of War and Gran Turismo are all games that you will only be able to find on this system. Which system is better for exclusives is entirely subjective, so it’s important to look over what’s available and see which games catch your eye the most.

Backwards Compatibility

The two systems have been pretty much equal so far, but this is an area where the Xbox Series X streams ahead. In terms of physical media, on the PS5, there’s no backwards compatibility whatsoever for PS3 games and earlier. While some games can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, it will require an additional charge even for players who already owned the game on a previous generation.

This isn’t the case with the Xbox Series X. Every single previous version of the Xbox is covered with the Series X. While there are some compatibility issues with some games, the vast majority of titles will work on the new system. It means that if you still own your older Xbox games, then you’ll have a great library of titles to enjoy right away. Add to this the ability to load emulators onto the Series X, and it does offer a lot more than the PS5. In fact, you can conceivably play more classic PlayStation games on your Series X than you can on the PS5. 

The Series X is the clear winner in this section and it really does edge it ahead in terms of choosing which console to play.


Unless the PS5 exclusives really grab your attention, then there’s only one winner here. The Series X offers a better overall experience to players, as well as providing the opportunity to enjoy lots of games from previous generations. If you’re split between the two consoles, then just take a look at the preowned costs for older Xbox games. You’ll be able to get a huge range of games to enjoy right away without having to spend big on the latest titles. It’s this that truly marks the difference between the two systems.