How Evolving Technology May Affect the Human Race

by on April 22, 2021

Technological advancement has had a boost in the last few decades. It is clear that the world will remain in an era of continuous improvement in technology. With the introduction of smartphones, computers, and the internet, various changes have affected different aspects of human interaction and decision-making. Today, technology has improved several industries by introducing e-learning sites, online casino platforms with a huge variety of free slots no download, and much more.

While all these new and innovative ideas are coming out to play, you may need to consider the long-term effect it has on the human race. In the area of communication, there has been a significant reduction to the challenges faced years ago. Some may see that this “so-called” improvement brought a form of separation between people. These days, many people spend so much time communicating with others from places far and wide that they fail to have the proper relationship with the ones closest to them.

As today’s psychology says, “all the new technologies led by the digital and internet innovations, the human thinking is taking a shape that is subtle and obvious, unintentional and deliberate, detrimental and advantageous.”

Technology will affect us:

  • Neurologically
  • Physiologically
  • Genetically
  • Socially
  • Emotionally

So, let’s take a look at some predicted effects technology will have on the human race in the future.


The internet has given thousands of people access to an unlimited source of information at their fingertips. With a personal computer, people can now store every little detail on it, including small facts they could memorize easily. A new study taken reveals that “access to information has changed not only what we remember but how we remember things.” The constant use of the internet, mobile phones, and computers have decreased the ability of humans to retain certain information due to it being available on a device.

An interesting example is how the populace finds it easier to remember the name of the specific folder holding certain information than the actual data inside such a folder. Worse case, persons quickly remember key search terms that will uncover the information they would usually keep.

Reduced Death Rate

Technology not only advanced in the area of communication and finance but significantly in the medical industry. Years ago, the death rate was at an increased level. The difference between then and now is such that what we refer to as a minor disease today was a huge problem some centuries ago. Innovative technology has even affected the way farmers and ranchers involve in food planting and harvesting, and this helps to increase access to healthy foods. Although technology has depleted the earth’s atmosphere and resources, it has also made room for an increased life span. New technologies have helped guide childbirth, making it safer with fewer casualties when compared to years ago.

Hierarchy of Genetically Modified People

The achievements in the medical field have been mind-blowing since its mix with technology. Technology has helped humans survive several genetic mutations (like diseases and infections) but, in doing so, minutely altered the DNAs of persons. And these days, more parents are trying to adjust or decide the sex and physical status of their unborn babies. The idea of “natural selection” is slowly dying.

In trying to make drugs or machines to treat several ailments, the human race may create its mutation. Today, scientists are trying to figure out a way to alter unborn children’s physical appearance or bone structure, all for creating something better. And this will eventually lead to a series of genetically modified children and people.


Is technology genuinely bringing people together or apart? Are you more connected to your spouse or friend than before? There are billions of people connected by one mobile app or another, chatting and messaging, as a form of communication. On the other hand, while you may become more connected to a friend miles away, you may tend to ignore most of the current happenings in front of you. An instance will be a couple at a dinner party with one frequently on the phone messaging a family member (or friend) thousands of miles away to tell them about their recent bonus for Book of Ra slot machine.

As much as communication has become easier with improved technology, it remains fair to say that it has drawn people more distant than ever. Sadly, the future will get to see more disconnectedly connected individuals roaming the streets unmindful of the persons around them. With the existence of social media, teens and middle-aged individuals have become more addicted to their screens.


These days, many persons will rather rely on the internet’s information about certain decisions than their instincts. When someone needs to buy a new car, the first thing that pops into their mind is to take a quick search through the internet for tips or ideas for the appropriate model. While this is a wise and reasonable thing to do, it affects how individuals trust their decision-making capabilities in the long-run.

Whether it is a form of dressing or painting idea, technology has instilled an unintentional belief that online information might be better or more ideal than the thoughts you would normally create. This means that the human race is slowly becoming less reliant on its instincts and choices and rely more on gathered knowledge and facts before making a decision. It is without a doubt that the decision-making skill of the human race is at risk with the availability of supposed facts and figures online.

Final Thoughts

If you look closely, you can see that technology has had both good and bad effects on society. However, the immediate impact remains positive, but the human race will have an increasingly adverse effect on technology and its many applications in the long-run. There are becoming fewer reasons to have certain information stored in people’s memory due to easier storage on computers in many years to come. And with the continuously expanding storage space and cloud usage, the human brain’s use will eventually be for remembering passwords, keywords for searches, and folder names.

For us to progress successfully with technology, there has to be a significant striking balance drawn between the constant use of improved technology and the human application of such innovations. If not, the human race will have problems with basic decision-making skills in the future and (or) badly formed relationships, which is already evident today. What innovative technology holds for the future? If treated with appropriate guidance by all people, there will be continuous positive growth in several aspects of life. And one of these significant positive growth aspects will continue to include a reduced death and an increased food production rate.