Looking for a Different Type of Game to Try? Give One of These a Go!

by on April 23, 2021

If you are growing tired of sticking to one type of game and want to try something new, there is so much out there for you to explore! Some of the best games that you could play can be very different from your typical first-person shooters or combat games. Let’s take a look through some of the different genres you could try.

Storytelling Apps

One of the first types of game that you could try are storytelling apps. These have grown in popularity in the past few years as they offer bitesize chunks of a story that you can have the power to influence through your decisions.

There are so many different choices to make within these games. It could be something as simple as selecting the right outfit for a given task, or it could be a lot deeper, such as the decision to save a character at a crucial point of the plot.

These games cover all genres and can provide hours of entertainment. Since the chapters unlock over time, this can be great if you want something to slot into a busy life so you can grab some quick fun on the go.

Casino Games

Many types of casino games prove to be popular with other gamers – there’s even a whole section of the streaming platform Twitch dedicated to this type of gaming. If you want to get started with casino games, it is always worth taking a look at a few resources to find out more about the types that you could play. There are lots of variations, and many different rules that you should learn about so you can start playing with your best foot forward.

Then, you just need to find the best payout online casino UK players can access, and you are good to go! Many casinos nowadays are available on both computers and mobile, so you will be able to play on either device as it suits you.

Puzzle Games

If you love a challenge, you should try one of the many puzzle games available. There are some that just present you with a series of different puzzles each day, so could be good if you want something you can check in with every day.

However, there are also puzzle games that have a plot woven through them, so you have to solve each puzzle if you want to advance the plot. Hidden object games are a very popular sub-genre here, where you have to find various objects hidden in a certain scene to be able to pass the level. These games are clever, and can really test you in new and brilliant ways if you are willing to try them out.

The above three areas prove that there is a lot more to gaming than just action games, or anything else you might have tried previously. Take a look at some of the many types of game out there, and try to stray as far from your chosen favourites as you can. It might not be too long before you find a new genre of game that you are happy to return to time and time again, and you could have never expected to have played it otherwise!