New trailer released for indie puzzler Bonfire Peaks

by on April 27, 2021

Indie developer Draknek has announced a new trailer for their upcoming puzzle game Bonfire Peaks.  They also confirmed the game is due to release in Q3 2021.  Bonfire Peaks is the inaugural publishing project by Draknek & Friends, the publisher and developer of A Monster’s Expedition and Cosmic Express. Enjoy hours of deep puzzles as you explore the interactive hub world and discover surprising new mechanics.

You can watch the new Bonfire Peaks trailer below:

Move onwards, move upwards, and leave nothing behind: in Bonfire Peaks, players must climb to the top of a mysterious island ruin, burning everything they own along the way.

Features list:

  • Burn your belongings to a crisp in easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzles
  • 100+ fiendishly difficult levels scattered around an atmospheric overworld.
  • Sokoban mechanics rendered with vibrant, lush voxel art.
  • Serene and an atmospheric soundtrack to chill your brain while you take on mind-bending puzzles.

Bonfire Peaks is expected to launch in Q3, 2021.  Available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam, Itch and the Epic Games Store.