What to Do if the Online Game Does Not Work: Reasons and solutions

by on April 14, 2021

It might be tricky to work out the reason why your favorite games keep crashing. Check out the main reasons why games crashing and what to do to fix them.

 Buying a new game, you suppose it will work smoothly. In the vast majority of cases, it happens this way. However, sometimes all my games keep crashing. In some cases, it is a fault of the slow Internet connection, inadequate hardware, while sometimes it is a game itself. Wonder “Why are my online games not working?” Let’s review the main reasons why games keep crashing and what to do:

  1. Slow Internet connection.

            The vast majority of people tend only to connect to the Internet via one channel. Everything goes to the location via a 4G/LTE connection or wired / Wi-Fi. In case there is a problem with the signal, you might run into lag issues. Games constantly send information packets forth and back between the device and server. The gaming experience might be ruined with any signal loss. 

  1. Geo-restricted game

Some games have geolocation restrictions for players. Because of this, the game may not start. VPN can be the solution to this problem. With VPN you can unblock all games. For avid gamers, this would be a great option. You will be able to unlock your favorite game.

  1. The hardware specs are too low.

           Do you want to know “How do you fix a game that won’t load?” Most people tend to omit comparing the game’s minimum requirements to their system spec. You would better read the game’s description when you buy it. If your personal computer meets these before running and installing the game, all will be okay. You might settle questions or doubts by checking the support of the game or fan forums for some assistance. Before playing a game, you would better upgrade your personal computer.

  1. Get the settings of the game correctly.

            The vast majority of games feature the dedicated video settings screen. You might avoid games crushing if you open the video configuration screen for the problematic game and lower the settings. Down a single step, you should switch every option. Then, you would better try playing again. Repeat it until you hit the proper mix of graphics and performance. 

  1. Your operating system is rather bad.

           The vast majority of games are running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Mac OS X 10.4 (Mojave), and Windows 8.1. Most of the AAA games are created for 64-bit systems. Basically, the problems of hardware or operating systems are linked closely. The older hardware that runs Windows XP is not appropriate for modern video games.

  1. The graphics card is very powerful.

           Sometimes, the graphic adapter might demand more power than is present. To resolve it, you should upgrade the best power supply unit (PSU), which is capable of giving enough power for playing your game. However, before you do it, you would better check the PC interior and graphics card are free and clean from dust as long as it might boost the temperature inside your computer.   

  1. You overclocked too far.

         Do you wonder, “How can I play online games on a blocked network?”, check the answers out! Some gamers might overclock the systems if they push the CPU to a quicker speed for gaining performance advantages. However, this is not the best method to boost performance. Games might crush still. You should reset the processor to default settings in order to troubleshoot the overclocked system.  

  1. You should update everything.

           If you want to update the video drivers, you would better visit the manufacturer’s website. Then, you should download the driver’s latest version. Sometimes, you will be supposed to restart the PC. You must look for any updates and patches for a particular game in question. You should apply and install it before running. In some cases, the games check for updates automatically. They install them before they load them. You should update the operating system to download any tool’s driver updates. You must download the latest updates and graphic drivers for the graphic’s card.

  1. Snagged with digital rights management.

          The performance problems might be caused by digital rights management. Sometimes, network problems might contribute to a DRM hitting the game’s performance. In most cases although, the status of the remote server or the DRM customer might cause the game to crash. If possible, you would better try the offline game option. Otherwise, you should uninstall your game.

  1. Network problems are to blame.

           In online gaming, crashes might happen when network issues cause a delay in the game customer being updated with the remote server. So you should ensure that your network speed is appropriate to play the game. You must also check the router. Then, you should disable other Internet apps to make sure that only your game receives information. With online games, you would better avoid Wi-Fi. You should connect your computer to the router. 

  1. You run games in the wrong mode.

          Make sure no other software runs while gaming. You may need the voice chat software. Your computer resources must be concentrated on running the game. Close other software before you launch the game you wish to play. There is a Games Mode if you use Windows. It eliminates and limits other activities. It also silences the notifications—just open Settings. Then, push the Gaming Mode and enable it. 

  1. You left the browser running with 30 tabs open.

          Shut down other applications if you want to play a game. Use just a single browser tab. You would better close Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other pages and access them on your smartphone if you need them. Let your computer work the way you expect it, providing you with a great gaming experience. So have fun when gaming!          

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