[Closed] Win a Nintendo Switch Console and a copy of Relicta

by on April 15, 2021

We’ve teamed up with the people behind the newly Switch-released indie puzzler, Relicta to give you a chance to win a brand new Nintendo Switch console. Not enough? Fair play, we’ll throw in a digital copy of the game to play on it. On top of that there are five runners-up who can win a digital copy of the game as well.

Exploring a mysterious space station, players have to solve a selection of physics-based puzzles in Relicta which get progressively harder.

As of today, players will be able to download a patch that includes two free content DLC. Aegir Gig and Ice Queen are the two new pieces of content. Relicta players on Nintendo Switch get the complete edition upon release.

Played through the eyes of a scientist, you’ll need to use your creativity to play with the laws of physics, utilizing magnetism, polarity and gravity to unravel the secrets of a research facility on the moon.

The first of the two free DLCs – Aegir Gig – tasks you with testing the gravitomagnetic interfaces in the environments he helped design for AEGIR Labs years before the events of the main game, with 12 new and even more challenging puzzles to solve as you experience the Chandra Base in a whole new way.

The second DLC – Ice Queen – follows on from events in the main story, as you play as one of the survivors of Chandra Base after the end of Relicta. Alone in the depths of the moon, you discover a new biome with 12 additional puzzles that will challenge you in unique ways by using two new mechanics, combined with your toolset from the main game, to escape and find out more about what happened in the derelict lunar base.

Win a Nintendo Switch & copy of Relicta

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